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Monday, October 20, 2014

My Kid Is Going To Harvard : He's Wicked Smart Because He Signs For Frozen Waffles #4MoreWaffles #CollectiveBias #shop

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I need to open an extra savings account, start a coin jar, and probably open a college savings fund. All because my kid is most likely going to Harvard. He's wicked smart. At a mere 18 months, he can tell me if he wants me to read him a different book, prefers frozen waffles over yogurt for breakfast, or if he'd like to take a stroll around the block while wearing his shoes.
My kid is a freakin' genius.

Or at least it feels that way. 

All thanks to sign language.

The first year of life with Itty Bitty was rough. I'm sorry - it wasn't sunshine and rainbows. 

He had colic, never slept, drove Tall Dad bonkers, and then I had to deal with a myriad of postpartum problems.

But I held onto hope: hope that one day things would get easier. A hope that we could communicate harmoniously together.

That hope was fulfilled by my favorite baby sign language book.

I began teaching Itty Bitty signs when he was only four months old. Sure, he couldn't sign back, he couldn't even sit at that point, but I felt like I was doing something good. Something useful. It gave me something to do during those colicky months.

I signed milk whenever he nursed. Told him the milk was from Mumma, and repeated the word as well as the sign for milk over and over each time he nursed. I would take his hand from time to time and open and shut it while I said the word milk.

I also added in "change" during diaper changes and "book." Over and over I said and showed the signs, believing in the magic voodoo that was promised to me.  Tall Dad thought I was nuts.  Sometimes, I kind of felt nuts - trying to teach a baby who can't even hold up his head on his own how to communicate milk.

Then, unbelievably at six months old, Itty Bitty started signing "milk."

"Whaaaatt?!" you say while shaking your head in doubt?!

I know, I know. I doubted too. But we realized every time he did the sign for milk, it was the only thing he wanted. No, he wouldn't sign it when he wasn't hungry either. He was legitimately communicating with me at only six months old!

The next signs were book and bear. He did these regularly since they were his favorite toys.
Now that his finger dexterity has gotten better, he has begun learning more and more signs.

He can sign out for Mumma or Daddy.
Itty Bitty lets us know if he wants to go up, down, or to sleep. (I swear to God, he asks to go to sleep on his own at least twice a week. This, from the kid who NEVER slept.)

He signs ball, bear, dog, car, truck, please, thank you, more, pajamas, blueberries, walk, light, all done and some I can't even think of right now.

Most of the time the signs are perfect.  Some of them are hybrids that he has created on his own and we have come to understand him - but sure as heck, my kid can say all that crap.

But the best is when he wants to eat, because then he gets super specific.

He often signs for ice cream or crackers, but every morning it's the same routine.

He wakes up at 5:30, snuggles in bed with Mumma and Daddy, and around 6am starts signing for a banana, a drink, and a waffle.
I kid you not. This kid asks for a whole bloody menu!

Waffles are Itty Bitty's morning staple. He loves them plain or with syrup, marmalade, butter, and sometimes even frozen (great for teething.)

Often times he is super hungry and signs for more waffles. He will eat one whole waffle in seconds, and immediately sign for another waffle.  It's almost as hysterical as it is unbelievable.
Aunt Jemima frozen waffles are a staple in our freezer, and now I've even gotten on the bandwagon. After making Itty Bitty his waffles, I often sneak in one or two of my own. They are perfect for my ride to work - especially with peanut butter slathered in between! Nom nom.

My kid loves waffles so much, that this past weekend when we were shopping at ShopRight, he was mortified when I didn't give him waffles immediately after purchasing them. As we put him in his car seat he started yelling and signing for waffles. He knew they were in the carriage, and didn't understand why we weren't giving them to him immediately to fill up his little belly.

I gave in, and gave it to him frozen. What do you know, the kid gobbled it down right away and was signing thank you. 

A FROZEN FREAKIN' WAFFLE!  Ok, my kid's not as smart as I thought.  Maybe we'll have to settle for Yale instead of Harvard :)

Communicating with Itty Bitty has been a game changer for our family.  No longer are we scratching our heads wondering what our screaming child wants or needs. We now have full on conversations, and satisfaction knowing that we understand each other to some degree.

I feel like my kid is wicked smart. 

And, yes, donations to his college fund are welcome - even if it is Yale :) 

Note -- if you want to be wicked smart like myself - make sure you get this coupon and save yourself a dollar off the waffles! 
#4MoreWaffles #CollectiveBias

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

How Crystal Light Low Calorie Drinks Can Revolutionize Your Diet #PlatinumPoints #CollectiveBias

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I am a P90X fanatic.  I laugh at Tony Horton's stupid jokes every time I work out, I wear the clothing, I talk about it with my friends and colleagues, and I'm even considering becoming a P90X coach. But there is one thing I cannot stand about P90X and that is water.  Oh my god there are times in my day that I just cannot sip another morsel of water, and it really bothers me.  Well, hit the jump to find out how Crystal Light has completely revolutionized my workouts, my diet, my hatred of water, and my man-love of Tony Horton with it's Liquid Drink Mixes that help create great low calorie drinks...

Monday, October 6, 2014

Our Fun Weekend : From Fabric Softener to ApplePicking #FastDrySaveTime #CollectiveBias #shop

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Weekends aren't always fun in our tiny apartment. Tall Dad often has to work, and weekends is usually when I do most of my household chores. My highlights often include wiping down sticky tables and measuring out fabric softener.

This weekend was different. 

It rained all day on Saturday, which put Itty Bitty into a trance. He took two two-hour naps! I felt like super woman, tackling tasks at the speed of light. I grocery shopped online, cleaned up the toys from the floor and gathered our dirty laundry. 

Living in a tiny apartment has a few drawbacks, including the fact that we have coin operated laundry and drying machines. I usually have to dry things twice, but tried out a new fabric softener I purchased at Walmart called Suavitel Fast Dry, which promises to dry clothing 30 times faster.  It seemed to do the trick, and not only saved me money, but also time. 
With all of my chores completed, Sunday was suddenly free, and Tall Dad was able to get out of work early.

Itty Bitty took a chunky two hour mid day nap, and then the three of us took off for a fall adventure! We made our way to Barden's Orchard in North Scituate, RI.
The Orchard was packed with families making the most of the beautiful autumn day. Of course, we were all just killing time until the Patriots game at 8:30pm that night :)
We were also excited because we finally got a chance to take out our new BOB revolution jogging stroller. Why bring a jogging stroller to an apple farm?  Oddly enough, it's great for off-road use and trust me, apple picking is definitely off road.
Golden Delicious, Empire, and Macouns were the big hit in our family. 
Itty Bitty was chomping away, peeling his apples as he munched away.  And maybe spitting out most of it on his brand new Rob Gronkowski jersey.  Although, I'm not so sure Rob himself eats apples any differently?  I love that big lug :)
We left the Orchard with bellies full of apple, and our bag bustling with many more to enjoy at home. 
Now the big decision is, do I make apple pie, Apple crisp, applesauce, or all three?  What would Rob Gronkowski do?
#FastDrySaveTime #CollectiveBias

What fun activity would you do with your family if you had extra time?

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Are You Ready For Another Baby?

Are you thinking about having another baby? When are you guys going to start on your second? Doesn't it just make you want another one? Itty Bitty needs a brother or sister.



          At least for a loooong time. No thank you, no way, I don't think so.
Warning to all new moms out there. As soon as your little one turns about one, questions about a hopeful next pregnancy start popping up. 

Monday, September 29, 2014

Twenty Hours Without Our Toddler Or His Dirty Diapers #BabyDiapersSavings #CollectiveBias #shop

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Tall Dad and I are the coolest kids in town. Our usual daily conversations revolve around how few hours we slept, what surprises are found inside Itty Bitty's diapers, and pondering how we are going to gear up for our big move. We needed an adult day, and hopefully a restful night's sleep.

That's where Grandpa and Nanna saved the day! They offered to watch Itty Bitty from Saturday evening through Sunday afternoon.  Thanks to them, Tall Dad and I had 20 hours to reconnect, act silly, and ride the motorcycle.  Hit the jump for why we didn't miss our kid...

Friday, September 26, 2014

I'd Rather Spend Time With Captain America Than My Kid #InfinityHeroes #CollectiveBias #Shop

OK, so I'll admit it - my kid is a pain in the butt.  I actually look forward to the time when he goes to sleep. Why? Because it gives me what I need - "me" time.  Sometimes, I need time to geek out and do the things I love.  Obviously spending time with Tall Mom is important me too, but "me" time is just as important.  That being said,  I'm not cool anymore - I have a wife, a kid, and two cats. In other words, a veritable recipe comprised of all things uncool.  It's easy to say that all nighters, raves, and pub crawls just aren't an option anymore. So when Tall Mom was home, and Itty Bitty was in bed, I had my chance to do what I wanted.  But, what did I do? I went to Wal-Mart.  Yes, Wal-Mart.  But, I'll tell you something, I'm glad that I went because I met some really cool Superheroes there.

Hit the jump to find out how Captain America made my "me" time rule....