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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Making Healthy Choices and Getting Fit in Providence Rhode Island - #BalanceRewards #shop

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.

Being a new mom often makes you push your own personal wellness priorities to the back seat. But for how long can one use the excuse "I'm a new mom," or "I'm too busy to take care of myself like I used to?" I'm no longer allowing myself to make any excuses in regards to my health. In my opinion, 2013 was all about Itty Bitty, and 2014 needs to be about Tall Mom.
Slowly but surely, Tall Dad and I have been making healthy choices for our family. We have begun eating a more Paleo centered, less sugar and refined foods, diet. I have our freezer stocked with healthy easy options from Pre-made Paleo, and I've been better about taking my daily vitamins.

Next I needed to focus on getting more sleep and more exercise...which are, in my opinion, the hardest health habits to fix.

Why? Becuase they both take time, and planning. Neither of which I feel like I have a lot of right now.

I was inspired by my friend Alison of Long Distance Loving to purchase a UP 24 by Jawbone band. Alison explained to me that it acts like a pedometer, tracks how many steps you have taken, and ALSO tracks your sleep. She also challenged herself to walk 10,000 steps for 100 days - mind you - while she is pregnant!

So I researched the fitness band a bit more, as well as it's competition - the Fitbit Flex - and decided to purchase my own Up 24. A couple days later, it arrived, and it has only left my arm when I shower, swim, or one night at a wedding.
I downloaded the corresponding app on my phone, and it automatically syncs with some of my other favorite health related apps - like MyFitnessPal, MapMyFitness, and the Walgreens App.

Walgreens actually gives Balance Rewards for healthy choices - and they can all be synced through the apps that I already use!  For example, I earn 20 points for each mile that I walk, and 20 more points when I weigh in. I also earned  250 points for syncing  my Up24 to my Walgreens Account!  I am getting rewarded with points just by setting my health goals and tracking my progress! I get Balance Rewards for not only my purchases, but now also healthy choices that I make each day.
At my most recent trip to Walgreens, walking and weighing in saved me $5.00 off of my bill. I used some of that to purchase a balloon for Itty Bitty!
So what exactly are my goals? Well, like Alison, I'd like to walk 10,000 steps each day. Plus, I'd like to protect my skin from further sun damage, and get in approximately 8 hours of sleep each night. So here is what I purchased to help me succeed:
Yes, there is a copy of TV Guide. Tall Dad and I are slightly obsessed with the new show Outlander - and even have a podcast for the show ;) I figure it can be something I can read to calm down at the end of the day...and maybe I'll dream of being in Scotland. 

Here's how I hope to accomplish my goals:

Almost every morning, I wake up, throw on some deoderant, wash my face, take my vitamins and throw on some sunscreen.  Then I feed Itty Bitty, and take him outside for a nice long walk. I love strolling the streets of Providence. Sometimes we take a nice walk down Blackstone Boulevard. 
Othertimes we walk up and down our neighboring streets, checking out all of the pretty flowers, houses, and say a little hello to the friendly dogs. 
Providence is a perfect city to go for walks in. The Blackstone Boulevard is my favorite spot, but strolling anywhere along the East Side is a pretty walk.  There are several parks, some with letterboxes hidden inside.  India Point Park is another one of our top picks, and we spend time there running around and playing catch by the bay.
Once I'm done with our walk, and head on inside to eat my own breakfast. Sometimes I plan for our next day by checking out the nearby fun routes that other people recommend. 
After a long day, my UP24 app reminds me to try to get to bed around 10pm so that I can aim for my 8 hours of sleep goal. If needed, I will take some melatonin to help fall asleep. 

I honestly love living in Providence - it's full of arts, culture, fantastic people, and also has an environment that promotes being healthy!  Are you hoping to make some healthy choices in your city? Do you already track anything, or are you hoping to start?  Let me know about your own progress!!

Talk again soon friends :)

#BalanceRewards #CollectiveBias

Friday, August 15, 2014

ParentCast - Episode 23: 3 Ways To Reignite Your Intimacy w/ special guests Tony & Alisa DiLorenzo of ONE Extraordinary Marriage

When you have a kid, intimacy changes.  Some good, some bad, some of it is indescribable. But, we can all agree that it changes.  Tall Dad and I have a pretty good intimate life - but I am always looking for ways to make sure that both and I can keep that same attraction to one another.  On a walk one day, I discovered Tony & Alisa DiLorenzo of the absolutely phenomenal podcast, ONE Extraordinary Marriage. Literally thousands upon thousands of people listen to them on a weekly basis. They are EXPERTS in the field of intimacy and were such a big help to the Tall Parents that I knew I needed to introduce them to our listeners on ParentCast. So, hit the jump to find out how Tony & Alisa can save your sex life...

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I Said Goodbye To Frizzy Hair Thanks To The Keratin Concept

It's a rainy day here in Rhode Island, so I thought I'd share with you a fun little story.
I vividly remember the day I first found out I was going grey. I was at the Ryan Center at the University of Rhode Island, vocally warming up with my a cappella group, Afterhours.  We were preparing to sing the national anthem before a basketball game, and our hearts were all beaming with excitement.

As we were huddled in a circle on the floor, a fellow member reached over, pointed to my head, and proclaimed that I had a grey hair.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

ParentCast - Episode 22: How The Heck Do I Get My Baby To Sleep?!?! w/special guest Alexis Dubief of TroublesomeTots.com

Sleep.  Oh my god sleep.  I don't think I have slept a normal night (no exaggeration here) in nearly three years.  Why?  Because of my beautiful, adorable, frat boy of a son.  He never sleeps.  Ever.  I went nuts trying to find ANY solution to this sleep conundrum.  That's when I stumbled on Alexis Dubief of TroublesomeTots.com.  She literally helped save my sanity.  And, I want to do the same for you.  So we invited Alexis to speak with us on ParentCast all about the ever-elusive sleep.  Hit the jump to find out her extremely useful tips and tricks...

Friday, August 1, 2014

Lenore Stutz Art Geek . Chic . Whimsical . Sweet {guest post} #Giveaway

Today's post is written by the lovely Lenore Stutz, who I fell in love with over on Etsy after drooling over ALL of her prints - especially the baby Harry Potter characters. If you're a geek like myself, or if you just love art, you're going to love this post.
- take it away Lenore!

Hello! I am the artist and founder of Lenore Stutz Art! I am so excited to be posting on “Tall Mom, Tiny Baby”.

I’ve been an artist my whole life.

I was the lucky daughter of a sweet homemaker mother, with an encyclopedia for a vocabulary, and a freelance commercial and fine artist for a father. Our family adventures consisted of rope swings by the river, mud wrestling in the backyard, and the Richmond Art Museum.

Now we are all artists in one way or another. They are portrait artists, photographers, song writers, and graphic novelists.

In fact, my brother, Gibbs, and his wife actually own another etsy shop, Crowsmack, where he designs cute shirts and super awesome posters.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

My Whole30 Lifesaver: Pre-Made Paleo {review}

As you may recall, Tall Dad and I have decided to clean out our bodies  - which of course means our  pantry as well; all in the name of succeeding at the Whole30 Challenge.  We vowed to eat only meats, fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts and healthy fats for 30 straight days. Granted, we slipped up halfway through, but Tall Dad and I are going to restart the Whole30 with a new sense of determination. We learned what worked for us, and what didn't during the last try, and one of our greatest successes was having Whole30 friendly dishes in our freezer - ready to go. These delicious and timesaving meals are by PreMade Paleo. Hit the jump to find out how PreMade Paleo can chaneg your life...

Monday, July 28, 2014

ParentCast - Episode 21: Top 10 Facebook Faux Pas By Parents

Ever go on Facebook and your feed is clogged up with nothing but babies, parent stuff, and complaints from parents?  No, not the occasional post from your friends, but those people that over-share EVERYTHING?  You know what I mean - those parents who make EVERY SINGLE POST about their kid?  Yep - we bring in special guest Julie, and return special guest Erik to talk about this very subject this episode.  Hit the jump to find out why no one is going to like us after this episode.