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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sick Tall Mom

After running errands, and fitting in some play time, Itty Bitty truly had a full day yesterday. I tried to make sure he was eating and drinking enough, but I seemed to have forgotten about myself. At 3:20pm, a massive migraine struck, and I had no choice but to lay down.

Itty Bitty was, thankfully, exhausted as well, and I put him down for a rather late nap. Ideally we like him to go down about 1:30pm, but we were still out at that point.

My little boy laid down and fell asleep right away in his crib, as if he knew that Mumma needed a time out. I crawled into bed, feeling the waves of nausea and pain run their course through my body. Donning my super thick eye mask, I covered myself in darkness and wished the pain away. I made a quick phone call to Tall Dad, asking him to come home as quickly as possible, and forced myself to sleep.

I think I got in maybe 30 minutes, and when I awoke, the pain was still there. Rolling over to adjust myself brought on another bought of nausea. I craned my head to hear if Itty Bitty had awoken, and my little angel was still asleep.

At 4:40pm, Tall Dad arrived home, and saved the day. Itty Bitty was still asleep, but he was soon awoken to have playtime with dad. My toddler came walking into my bedroom, calling"Mumma, Mumma" over and over again. He gave me a big hug, and went off to continue playing with his new favorite toy - the Count and Roll Buggie.

Tall Dad was amazing, brought me some water, and told me to stay in bed. A half hour later, my Grandpa and Nana called to say they were in the area, and didn't know if they could stop by and see Itty Bitty, as well as bring us dinner. I handed the phone over to Tall Dad, proclaiming that they were a godsend.

A couple hours later, after delving into my ultimate comfort food - Chicken and Biscuits - the nausea started to dissipate. Itty Bitty was put down to bed, and I listened to a bit of Outlander Cast on my iPhone. 

I awoke this morning at 5:25, feeling slightly groggy, but without any pain. I thought about how everything really seemed to fall into place yesterday afternoon, aside from my migraine. Itty Bitty slept as long as I needed him to, Tall Dad was able to come home, and my parents somehow knew they needed to stop by. 

Being sick as an adult really stinks. I thought about how much easier it was as a kid when you were sick - you were called out of school, your parents might have stayed home, and thrown on a movie or two. You ate popsicles, were taken care of constantly, and hopefully awoke the next day feeling like a million bucks.

It's so different as an adult. We still have responsibilities, often kids to take care of, and work to do. The world doesn't stop spinning round when we get sick anymore. 

Getting sick yesterday also made me realize that it truly TAKES A VILLAGE to raise this family. I don't know how I would have functioned yesterday if Itty Bitty were up and yelling or singing like he normally is (my kid has pipes!) It made me think about my friends who live far away from friends or family, or fellow parents who are doing this all by themselves without a partner. 

Yesterday, I had the good fortune that people came to my rescue, and I hope to be able to repay that favor for someone else in the future. If you are a friend of mine or leave nearby, please do not ever hesitate to reach out if you're in a jam. I'll be part of your village!

And if you live far away and are searching for your own network, I'd suggest joining a new moms group, looking for fellow parents on websites like meetup, and setting up something like a babysitting swap. Make sure you have backups, and people you can turn to when you fall ill. 

Quick shoutout to my family who were my heroes yesterday, and to my toddler who magically understood that this Tall Mom needed a time out. I would have shed a ton more tears yesterday if it weren't for them all coming to my rescue. 
What tips do you have for parents who get a bit sick. How do you juggle still taking care of your kids?

Monday, August 25, 2014

What I Did This Weekend - The Ms. Tri-State Pageant

I am writing this blog post at 2:30am on a Monday morning. Itty Bitty is sound asleep, and the usual culprit of my late nights-- new parent induced insomnia -- isn't to blame. 

I'm up because of a wonderful natural high. That, and incessant charlie horses and cramps that keep bending my toes and feet into contortionist like positions. Ouch.

That's what I get for wearing 5 inch heels for almost 10 hours straight, right?

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Summertime Sillytime Party with A Taste of Nature Tasting #RealTastesGood

Summertime is meant for family, friends, and easy going parties!  One of the highlights of our summer was catching up with college friends at a silly party our friends have deemed "Hickfest!" We gather in our finest country/Americana/Duck Dynasty attire, head on over to the county fair, and then have a fun silly summer party together. All of us friends bring about snacks and drinks, and spend the day laughing with our kids and recalling tales from our college days. I brought along some Taste of Nature bars to add to the snack table. 

Friday, August 22, 2014

Simple Work Day Beauty Tips #AllDayLook @Target #shop

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My day job is about to get pretty busy, crazy, and amazingly fun. I work in a local movie production company, and our next film stars Miles Teller and Aaron Eckhart. As if things couldn't get cooler, one of our Executive Producers is Martin Scorcese.  Since I never know who will be in the office on a particular day, I need to make sure that I am always wearing makeup so that I am presentable. I thought I'd share with you some of my simple work day beauty tips

I don't go full out glam for the office, and try to keep my look simple, and efficient. Mornings generally have me making breakfast for Itty Bitty, throwing on my makeup, brush my hair (which is SUPER smooth and amazing thanks to my keratin concept treatment!) toss on a dress, and run out the door to bring him to the nanny. I even sacrifice a hair style for a little bit of makeup. Ponytails are still in, right?

Here's my go-to get ready makeup routine - and all I use are just 5 items!
Tall Dad always does the first diaper change and dresses Itty Bitty in the morning. While this is going on, I put on my makeup.  Right now I am loving the Neutrogena Nourishing Long Wear Liquid Makeup - it's light and wears like a BB Cream, and also has SPF 20!  On busy mornings, I don't have time or patience to use makeup brushes, so I prefer to dab the makeup with my fingers. 
This makeup evens out my skin tone and still lets my freckles shine through! 
To help set the foundation, I always make sure to use setting powder - like this Shine Control. I like that it doesn't make me look like a corpse, like other powders do. This one is invisible, sets my foundation so that it doesn't run or crease into my wrinkles (damn aging!) and keeps me shine free throughout the day. I like to keep an extra case in my purse, just in case I need a touch up here or there.
Next, I like to bring out my eyes with the eyeliner. I line my top and lower eyelids with Neutrogena’s Nourishing Eyeliner. It goes on smooth and best of all - doesn’t melt off!  These eyeliners are infused with olive oil and shea butter - which is super nourishing for the delicate skin around your eyes. 
If I didn't have my awesome eyelash extensions, I would coat both my top and lower lashes with mascara. Now, I sometimes just sweep a little bit on my lower lashes towards the outer corners to give my eyes a little pop.
Last, but certainly not least, I need to take care of my lips.  For some reason, my allergies have already begun (can someone please tell my body that fall is NOT here yet?!?) and I seem to always be partched. These MoisutreSmooth Color sticks have shea butter and fruit extracts - so they mositurize while giving color.  My color of choice is soft raspberry. It just sounds yummy, right?
I carry around the shine powder and color stick throughout the day for the occasional touchup, and they are also in my bag in case Tall Dad calls me up for an impromptu date night!

My inspration for this makeup tutorial is thanks to the gorgeous Hayden Panettiere, the star from the show Nashville.  

Target and Neutrogena have teamed up to bring a Target Beauty Concierge event at select Target stores around the country this month! Event begins August 24th.  Limited quantities available. Check with your local Target store for Beauty Concierge day and times. There is also a super special Cartwheel offer for you from 8/16-8/30 http://cartwheel.target.com/offer/15133

#AllDayLook #CollectiveBias #cbias

What is your quick go-to beauty routine?

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Making Healthy Choices and Getting Fit in Providence Rhode Island - #BalanceRewards #shop

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Being a new mom often makes you push your own personal wellness priorities to the back seat. But for how long can one use the excuse "I'm a new mom," or "I'm too busy to take care of myself like I used to?" I'm no longer allowing myself to make any excuses in regards to my health. In my opinion, 2013 was all about Itty Bitty, and 2014 needs to be about Tall Mom.

Friday, August 15, 2014

ParentCast - Episode 23: 3 Ways To Reignite Your Intimacy w/ special guests Tony & Alisa DiLorenzo of ONE Extraordinary Marriage

When you have a kid, intimacy changes.  Some good, some bad, some of it is indescribable. But, we can all agree that it changes.  Tall Dad and I have a pretty good intimate life - but I am always looking for ways to make sure that both and I can keep that same attraction to one another.  On a walk one day, I discovered Tony & Alisa DiLorenzo of the absolutely phenomenal podcast, ONE Extraordinary Marriage. Literally thousands upon thousands of people listen to them on a weekly basis. They are EXPERTS in the field of intimacy and were such a big help to the Tall Parents that I knew I needed to introduce them to our listeners on ParentCast. So, hit the jump to find out how Tony & Alisa can save your sex life...