Tall Mom tiny baby: 4 Hospitals in 4 Weeks : Kent Hospital

4 Hospitals in 4 Weeks : Kent Hospital

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Im so excited to meet my tiny baby, but there is one ever so minor problem. I still do not know where I am going to deliver. There are several fantastic facilities in Rhode Island for pregnant mothers, and so my husband and I have taken on the task to visit 4 Hospitals in 4 Weeks. This week, we checked out Kent Hospital in Warwick.
Having grown up in Warwick, I know several people who had their babies at Kent. So far, all of their experiences have been amazing! Word of mouth goes a long way.We were welcomed by an incredibly friendly greeter, who directed us to take the elevator to the third floor.
Security is extremely important to new families, and it was reassuring to see an officer outside the maternity wing. We had to be buzzed in by a nurse for our tour, and were greeted by a smiling and friendly staff. The labor rooms had the traditional hospital beds, which are adjustable.
Each room has it's own shower, which laboring moms can sit in. They also offer peanut exercise balls to help make the process smoother.
Once a family's tiny baby enters the world, they are all brought to a post pardom room where everyone gets to relax. Now this room did have two beds, and could possibly be shared by two families at the same time. Cots would be rolled in for partners who stay overnight. The nurse told us that two families rarely need to share a room.
Even though the photo below is dark, I knew I wanted to take it. Kent offers mothers their own private bathrooms for each room.
Another nice feature about the post pardom rooms are their flat screen TV's. Granted, after birth your family will be exhausted, but it might be nice to turn on the Telly during your stay. I know a friend of mine watched me on The Rhode Show the morning she gave birth to her daughter, and was able to see me give her and her family a congratulatory shout out!
Another feature at Kent Hospital is their delicious cafe. Your family and guests will be able to satisfy their sweet tooth, or your partner can grab a much needed cup of coffee during your labor. Now, as it is at most hospitals, the kitchen closes down early in the evening. Make sure you pack snacks in your hospital bag, and possibly have a friend who lives nearby on standby to bring you food from a favorite restaurant after you deliver.
Here's what stood out during the tour of Kent Hosptial's maternity wing:
  • Having the option of a private tour. All I had to do was call the hospital and speak to a nurse to see if their schedule was open that morning. Having the tour be personalized and at our own pace was relaxing.
  • Friendly staff - from being welcomed at the door, a friendly security officer, and extremely kind nurses in the labor/delivery/recovery rooms.
  • If you're in labor, you go straight to a room. Just like Memorial Hospital, pregnant laboring women are sent to their own room ASAP. You do not need to sit and wait in a waiting area or triage.
  • Few births each day. You may be one of two women delivering on your tiny baby's birth day. Why is this good? Because you get more attention!
  • Private showers in each room. No sharing. Thank god!! I hated sharing showers in college. Still, make sure you bring shower flip flops in your hospital bag.
  • Your partner gets their own bed or sleeping cot, and aren't left to sleep in a hard plastic chair. Ahh!
  • The cafe makes my mouth water. Freshly baked muffins...I'm drooling.
  • Fantastic reputation. Everyone I know who has delivered at Kent had a lovely experience. They say the nursing staff is beyond stellar.
What I felt was lacking:
  • Not as flashy and new as it's nearby competitor.
  • If a baby were born prematurely, or needed serious attention, he would not stay at Kent. Instead, he would be transferred o Women & Infants, which is 20 mins away.
  • I can never seem to find a parking spot in less than five minutes. It is either a very busy hospital, or they just need to plan on creating more parking.
  • I find the entrance and physical logistics of the hospital to be a bit confusing. Granted, once you've been ere once, you can find your way around. My concern is for those who may visit us after Itty Bitty's birth.
Overall, we were quite pleased with what we saw at Kent. Having a private tour that went at our own pace and answer our own specific questions was refreshing.
Next up on our 4 Hospitals in 4 Weeks - Newport Hospital! Yeah, it's far away, but rumor has if you can see the ocean. Oooo!
Have you or someone you know delivered at Kent? What was the experience like?


  1. My sister in law delivered at Kent and loved it! I had both of my babies at W&I and loved the staff there...

    1. Glad to hear both places have such glowing reviews :)

  2. I heard Kent was great! I loved W&I and the private rooms (plus I got a HUGE L&D room)- sharing the bathroom was hard, but I don't think I could have shared the hospital room.
    I think this series is so awesome. I have been directing people to check it out because it's a hard decision to make! Small state. Lots of options!

    1. Ooo how did you get a large room? :) I agree, sharing a bathroom is easier than sharing a room. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I've heard great things about Kent and Sturdy Memorial. Best of luck!

  4. It's so great that you're touring all the hospitals to really make an informed decision about where you're going to deliver! Sounds like Kent has a lot of positives! Can't wait to see where you decide to deliver! (I have no personal experience myself - yet!)

  5. I delivered my 4 at W & I. Had a really great experience - other than the shared shower thing. This time around I'm delivering at Kent, because that's where my current dr. prefers. I've heard only good things about them so I'm mostly confident. My only nervousness is that if there are complications I'll be stuck in Kent and baby will be in W & I.

  6. I'm a doula, have been at most of the state's hospitals with birthing families. The hospitals' cultures definitely vary and much depends upon what you envision for your birth. Not only does the PLACE matter, but the PROVIDER you select really matters.
    I'm all about empowered decision making, and to do so, Moms need to do their homework - sure sounds like you're doing yours!

  7. Mary, my daughter was born 6 weeks early. I delivered at Kent Hospital. She, thankfully was in good health. It was a totally diff experience than what I expected because she had to be in the NICU for 8 days. That being said, she stayed in the NICU at Kent for the entire duration. I can't say enough about the AMAZING care she was given. I would give birth at Kent again, for sure.

  8. This is great to hear! I was born at Kent, and tons of my friends have delivered there. I am happy to hear she was able to stay at Kent in the NICU! Thats amazing - and that you were able to have her there so early. Thanks for the info :)

  9. I agree - I've been talking to a lot of my friends who plan on having kids in the future - and have told them about this experience. Finding the right fit with a doctor or midwife is key!

  10. I'll be excited to hear what you think after having 2 hospital experiences! For the most part, I believe Kent is able to handle many complications - which can ease your heart :) and god forbid, if it is too much, W & I if super close!

  11. Thanks Jane, I've honestly had so much fun visiting all of these hospitals. I wish I had done it a year ago, and not in my third trimester ;) But it has been wonderful to learn so much. We have tons of options in this tiny state!

  12. Thanks so much :) I am glad to hear you were able to get one of the larger rooms at W&I. When I toured, we were only able to see a regular labor and delivery room (aside from the ABC)

  13. We have so many great options here :)

  14. When my doctor told me that he only delivers at Kent, I had a mini panic attack. But after touring Kent and Women and Infants - I could always switch docs if necessary - we really preferred what we saw at Kent. It seemed a lot more personal and a lot less "institutional" if that makes sense? I toured in December and was told that my husband would be able to sleep in the other bed in the postpartum room and that they hardly even use the rooms with one bed for maternity patients. I also like that it is not a teaching hospital, I'm due in July and would rather not have a brand new intern!