Tall Mom tiny baby: 4 Hospitals in 4 Weeks : Newport Hospital Birthing Center

4 Hospitals in 4 Weeks : Newport Hospital Birthing Center

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The countdown is on until I meet my tiny baby. To help prepare for his arrival, my hubby and I decided to visit 4 Hospitals in 4 weeks in Rhode Island. Our last planned visit was the Noreen Stonor Drexel Birthing Center at Newport Hospital.

The entrance to Newport Hospital is warm and inviting, especially because of their free valet. They don't even take tips!
The entire hospital is bright, clean, and calm. You'll see many ocean references, like the one below.
When you feel like you are in labor, you are first examined in this room. Here they will monitor your contractions, and see if your tiny baby is truly in its way.
If you are indeed in labor (wihoo!), you are brought to your private room. Aside from the blinds on the windows, you will have a view of the town and the ocean. (I know it doesn't look like much because of the blinds, but trust me, the view is stunning, and the amount of natural light in the room is delicious!)

Each labor/delivery/recovery room has their own large shower & jacuzzi style bathtub.

And your own private bathroom for you and your guests.

The simple and yet adorable addition of a wooden headboard to their hospital beds give their rooms an almost hotel like feeling for your stay.

Each room has their own mini fridge. Even though it says "patient nourishment only" you can share with your partner and guests. Or you can hog it all :)

See this ample space? Well believe it or not, this is still the same labor/delivery/recovery room! Tons of space for you to move around during labor, and lots of room for your guests to relax in as they admire your tiny baby.

All of the elctronic equiptment is kept inside of these closet doors. The screens are out when you need them...

And hidden when you don't!

Your partner gets to sleep in the obligatory fold out bed. From what I hear, these are uncomfortable as chairs, but fantastic as beds.
No one is allowed into the maternity wing unless they are buzzed in by the nurses.
The waiting area outside of the maternity section has this adorable children's table. It was so cute that I had to take a picture of it. This waiting room was nice because it was away from the rest of the hospital, and would allow people comfort, a water cooler, and natural light while they wait to be let in to see your tiny baby.

Here's what stood out during the tour of the Birthing Center at Newport Hospital:

  • Ease of having a private tour. I called that morning, and was able to tour the facility an hour and a half later. Having a private tour allows us to move at our own pace.
  • Very few births each day. The secretary who took us around said 0-2 births take place each day.
  • Secure - you must be buzzed in by the nursing station to enter the birthing center.
  • You are examined on the maternity floor, and do not need to wait in a general triage area.
  • The staff were friendly, kind, and helpful.
  • The entire maternity floor felt like a hotel. The rooms were incredibly spacious, had water views, and were beautiful. The simple additions of a pretty headboard for the hospital bed, and white cabinets to hide electronic equiptment made the entire space warm and welcoming.
  • You have one room during your stay - for labor, delivery, and postpartum recovery. No moving to a new room!
  • Private bath, shower, and toilet - in your own room.
  • No limit to the amount of guests attending your birth.
  • A bit of a drive if you live on the mainland, which could ward off unwelcome visitors. Sometimes new patents are overwhelmed by the amount of people who come to see them and their tiny baby. Having extra distance my work in their favor!
  • No nursery- because the hospital strongly believes in babies rooming in with their mom as much as possible. If you do need someone to watch your newborn, he or she will be wheeled to the nurses station and watched by nurses there.

What I felt was lacking:

  • No water births. The rumor throughout Rhode Island is that Newport is the only hospital where you can have a water birth. However, on our tour we were told the last water birth took place back in 2011, and that the doctors aren't too keen on performing them anymore. The birthing tub now sits, unused, in the room where you have your initial check in appointment. I guess the only place to have a water birth in Rhode Island is currently a private residence.
  • If a baby were born prematurely, or needed serious attention, he would not stay at Newport. Instead, he would be transferred to Women & Infants, which is 40 mins away.
  • No VBACS (at least this is what we were told on our tour)
  • A bit of a drive if you live on the mainland. Could be difficult if you are faced with poor weather conditions.
  • No nursery - as I stated before, but some parents may choose to have their baby watched at the nurses station.

Overall, we were impressed with how attractive the hospital and birthing center was. Spacious, ample room for visitors, and an ocean view! I was disappointed to hear about the lack of water births, but was happy with the rest of the tour.

Have you or someone you know delivered at Newport? Would you drive the extra distance to give birth in an environment like this?


  1. It's very interesting to read about the differences in local hospitals! Newport is a bit to far for my comfort (I'd hate to deliver on the Pell Bridge!) but it seems like a nice option if you live nearby. I also don't know how I feel about them not having a nursery (not that we used the one at W&I) or the fact that if needed, the baby would have to be brought all the way to W&I for NICU, especially if mom had to stay at Newport to recover. Lot's to think about!

  2. Thanks for this post. I never knew much about this hospital! Water births look so awesome to me!

  3. Wow, I pretty impressed by the bathroom! At W&I I felt like I was showering in a broom closet.

  4. One of my dear friends swears by this hospital. She had both of her children here and had nothing but good things to say!

  5. Sharon Couto - Mom GenerationsMarch 20, 2013 at 10:17 AM

    Wonderful post. It's so important to feel safe, comfortable, happy and familiar with the hospital where you will bring your baby into the world. I like that you include the "lacking" info, too. Everything should be considered. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Ha - those chairs are NOT comfortable as a bed either -- I slept in one when my daughter was in the hospital overnight last year, and now I know why my husband couldn't wait to get out of the hospital when we had our first!!! Good luck to you - for me, I wanted to give birth in a hospital where my baby would stay even if something was wrong. The idea of being separated if something went wrong was too much for me. So I gave birth in 'the big hospital' in the state where I lived and it was wonderful. No push to a c-section, they listened and helped with my needs and desires, it was wonderful. And when my youngest had to go to the NICU for 2 days, she was just down the hallway from me.

  7. mary i LOVE the look of this place! when i had all of my boys we went with kent because i could not handle the baby factory that i felt women and infants was... kent had the room where my husband could stay with me and i loved it there. this place is *so* much more awesome though ;) can't wait to see what you end up choosing!

  8. This is an awesome post for anyone trying to decide where to give birth!

  9. Looks like a nice place but I wouldn't drive down there for it... I've been very happy with W&I both births. I believe my Dr there saved our lives for my son's birth! Where does your doctor have privileges at?

  10. Looks nice. I had my daughter at W&I and had a great experience. It was November so the weather wasn't super sunny, but my room had a really nice view of downtown. I have been to the L&D at Kent too, and knowing that they provide an actual bed for your spouse to sleep in really makes all the difference. My hubby was so uncomfortable in that chair that we both ended up in my twin bed WITH a newborn! Things to think about.

  11. You are so smart to tour hospitals. What a great idea! I never thought about touring other hospitals - I just went to the nearest one. This one sounds perfect for you and I will definitely recommend it to friends. 0-2 deliveries a day? You are going to feel like a queen! I wish you all the best with your delivery, Mary!

  12. Seriously... I hope you write a book for Rhody mamas! This tour is amazing- I went with W&I and LOVED them, but knowing all the options and more-so you pointing out what to look for is invaluable to moms!

  13. Interesting that they don't do VBACS. Kind of limits options for the women who live down there and see W & I as a bit of a drive.

  14. Wow- I didn't even know this hospital existed. I LOVE the rooms- love them. I had my girls at W&I and while nothing was bad about those experiences, by the third, I would have LOVED more privacy and comfort in my room. I had little tolerance for all the hustle and bustle by then (and there is hustle and bustle there, around the clock). I think you should go with whichever hospital you feel like you connect the most to. There are pluses and minuses to every single one. Looking forward to seeing where you go!

  15. Thanks Jen - I had only heard about the hospital through a friend of a friend! Aside from that, I do not know anyone who has delivered there

  16. I agree - I was surprised by that as well.

  17. Thanks Michelle - you are too sweet! I just feel fortunate to have had the time to visit each of these hospitals. Its amazing to know that we have so many options in such a small state

  18. Thanks Jackie - I thought about it one day, and realized I put more effort into purchasing a car than decisions about my birth ;) Touring all of the hospitals has been an eye opening experience! I have been happy to be able to share it with others!

  19. That extra bed sure would make a difference. My hubby has been looking at these chairs with a gloomy look upon his face ;)

  20. I know - the drive is quite long - at least in Rhode Islander's terms

  21. It really felt like we were at a hotel! It is a bit of a drive, so I do not think we will end up choosing Newport, but if we lived closer it would be in the running :)

  22. Good to know about those chairs - my poor hubby will have a super long night if he has to end up sleeping in one :)

  23. I agree - shopping around has allowed me to make sure I find the right fit!

  24. Thats really good to know - I do not know anyone who has delivered there. Just someone who is a friend of a friend.

  25. The bathroom was glorious! It puts my small Providence apartment bathroom to shame :)

  26. I agree - I was sad to hear that they no longer do them. I guess the only option for water birth in Rhode Island is at a home birth. Too bad :(

  27. Luckily the winter weather should be behind us. I agree - I'd hate having to go a long distance during labor. Luckily we have so many options here in RI!

  28. I am the midwife who did waterbirths at Newport Hospital. I have transferred my deliveries to Charlton Memorial Hospital. We are in the process of exploring the implementation of water births there.
    Charlton Memorial also has a neonatal intensive, staffed by an MD 24 hours a day.
    I hope that will help answer your questions and help you in your decision making process.
    Best of luck!