Tall Mom tiny baby: Third Trimester: Pregnancy Insomnia

Third Trimester: Pregnancy Insomnia

Friday, March 1, 2013

I roll off my couch rather than gracefully stand up. The Final Countdown is now my theme song. And I'm having an extremely tough time sleeping each night.

The third trimester of pregnancy is a bit more difficult than the second.

Granted, I am quite fortunate at this point. I haven't been put on bedrest, no major swelling to report, and have only had minor aches. What I can't wrap my mind around is this whole sleeping business.

It seems like every person I speak to nowadays says "Get your sleep in now, while you still can." Honestly, every person. I'm confused. Maybe they should have given me that advice during my first and second trimesters, because sleeping doesn't really happen now.

Gorgeous, right? Well that's me with my pregnancy pillow!

Even with my pregnancy pillow, I still can't seem to get comfortable. My tiny baby's legs or booty is always pushing against my ribs. I feel like the I'm the Princess and the Pea. Except that instead of a pea, I feel like I'm sleeping on a baseball or pineapple.

When I do luck out and catch a few winks, I'm generally woken up by Itty Bitty's sudden need to dance. He kicks my stomach and diaphragm at that point, sending me on a major acid reflux trip. Then there are nights when I just can't sleep, for no reason, aside from being pregnant.

Saying "Sleep now, while you can," is as effective to a pregnant woman as telling a senior in high school to study hard and not go out during their last week of school. It isn't going to happen.

What one could say is "shower now, whole you can" or "go see a movie, while you can." But sleep? Haha. I'll sleep again when my baby sleeps through the night. And by the way this is going, it won't be until he is ten years old.

When insomnia strikes you, what do you do to kill time?


  1. Yeah, you can't bank sleep anyway, but it sure is frustrating to not be able to sleep well. Try practicing napping now ... THAT will be a skill you can carry over into motherhood with a newborn! :-)

    1. Haha exactly! Luckily I'm a great napper - I wish it were an Olympic sport! I'd probably medal :)

  2. I think its a way to prepare for the inevitable sleepless nights with the babe! Most nights i've been falling asleep on the couch before 8pm because I wake so often during the night. Oh, and my toddler is gearing up for changing the clocks again by getting up before 6am this week. This is a child who thrives on sleep and sleeps 630-630 every night and still takes an afternoon nap! Blah!

  3. I spent all of my pregnancy insomnia on twitter!! lol, best of luck getting some rest! I think it's nature's way of training you to get ready for a new baby :)

  4. You look beautiful... I'm loving your pregnancy pillow! It's frustrating and sometimes you will be so tired you don't remember it's not forever, but someday you will sleep again!

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