Tall Mom tiny baby: How To Use A Nursing Bra - On Your Husband {video}

How To Use A Nursing Bra - On Your Husband {video}

Monday, April 1, 2013

Time for an April Fools Post!!!

I came home and surprised my hubby with a pink bag of fun!
Watch his reaction below: 

How To Use A Nursing Bra (when it's not on your husband):
  1. Put on the nursing bra as you would with a regular bra. Make sure it fits comfortably!
  2. Unclip the cup when it is tiny baby feeding time. 
  3. When you're finished, re-snap the clips. Make sure they are fully closed, or else you'll have a surprise peep show!
The nursing bras I purchased seem to be super easy, but expensive!


  1. OK. Capital Grille or nursing bras? Hmmmmm. Thinking. Thinking. I nursed my youngest baby 32 years ago. Needed nursing bras. Back then, nursing bras were tough to maneuver. Award winning aged beef and floppy breasts or breast support and PB&J. I'm going with Capital Grille! LOL!

  2. This is hilarious!!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. You guys crack me up!!! HILARIOUS!!! =) You guys are going to have fun when the baby comes too!

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