Tall Mom tiny baby: Itty Bitty Loves Listening To The Ukulele {vlog}

Itty Bitty Loves Listening To The Ukulele {vlog}

Monday, May 13, 2013

I used to sing and play my ukulele to my tiny baby throughout my pregnancy. Since he has been born, I haven't had a lot of time to play my larger instruments, but I still have time for the ukulele. Sure, it isn't my strongest instrument, but I keep it by my glider in the nursery...just I case I get a moment like this to sing to my Itty Bitty.

Don't know this song? Maybe this will help remind you:

What fun song or songs should I sing to my tiny baby next?


  1. This is SO beautiful and fun and lovely. What a lucky tiny baby! And I went wild!

  2. I want the nuroo! ... It makes me want baby 2 so bad!!!
    BTW... you amaze me. This video made me tear up. Your tiny baby is so blessed to have such a talented, gorgeous and loving mama. We play the uke to Addie all the time (Dave is getting her one in lieu of a guitar)- babies love them!!!

  3. How cute are you guys?! Love it, so sweet!

  4. So precious! Music is such an important part of development. I love this!