Tall Mom tiny baby: How To Feel Fabulous In Just 60 Minutes - and WIN A WAX! {review}

How To Feel Fabulous In Just 60 Minutes - and WIN A WAX! {review}

Thursday, November 7, 2013

I've had a tough couple of months, physically. I'll spare you the intimate details (or at least I'll save them for a future blog post) but just know that I've felt downright crummy over the recent weeks.

I feel like even though Itty Bitty is only six months old, that these past sleepless nights have aged me about ten years.  I look like I've aged the same in half a year as President Obama has in five.  Plus, my hormones are all out-of-wack, so I've had a few breakouts appear along my chin line. Needless to say, this Tall Mom needed a pick-me-up.  I got just that at a recent trip to Citron Spa on Wayland Ave, in the East Side of Providence.

I was greeted with a friendly hello, a neck warmer, and a delicious mimosa. While enjoying the zen-like waiting room, I was able to chat with a few new friends, munch on petite homemade fruit pastries, and soaked in a few relaxing moments.  Itty Bitty was safe at home with Nana, and I was ready to have a few moments to take care of myself.
I decided to get a facial - the Green Science Facial to be exact :)

For an hour my face was scrubbed, buffed, lathered, rubbed, and sprayed. My hands and legs were massaged while the Aveda skin-renewing masks went to work on my tired face.  If you've never used Aveda products before, they are amazing - all natural and so refreshing!
The soft music, dark lighting and warm room felt like a little piece of heaven.  I remember, as I was lying there having a warm mask rubbed into my skin, I was thinking about . . . nothing.

For the first time in a LONG time: just plain ol' nothing.  Good god was it good!
I didn't think about my to-do list, 
or what I was going to make for dinner.
I didn't think about the loads of laundry I needed to wash, 
or the medicine I needed to pick up at the pharmacy, 
or the thirty emails I needed to respond to.
There was nothing on my mind, and it was delightful.

After the facial was over, I felt like someone had pushed my reset button.  I felt clean, soft and new. As if the estetician had scrubbed away a few sleepless nights.

On my way out of the spa I stopped and peeked into the nail bar, which is beyond adorable.  I made the mental note that I would be asking Tall Dad for another morning off in the near future so I could spend another hour or two at the Citron Spa.

So, as a gift to you my lovely readers, Citron Spa has offered to giveaway a free brazilian wax!  Just fill out as many options as you'd like in the box below!

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Note: I was offered a facial at the Citron Spa in exchange for this review.  All the aformentioned thoughts are my own and the opinions herein expressed are 100% true.


  1. As a mom we often forget that we need some pampering ourselves.

  2. I can't remember the last time I was at the spa!!! How nice!!! :)

  3. You have not aged- you're beautiful!!!

  4. I love getting mani/pedis! Citron looks amazing!

  5. We all need to pamper ourselves -- it makes us better moms and wives and sisters and friends!

  6. My two favorite things: a nap or a trip to Target... maybe I need to reconsider with a spa trip!

  7. My little guy is 6 months old today so I know what you mean about needing a little time for yourself. :)

  8. From Shell: Sounds so great! Good for you!! :)

  9. Sounds like heaven! And you have not aged a bit, Mary. You are always stunning.

  10. Citron looks beautiful, and so relaxing!

  11. Citron looks amazing. You look amazing by the way. I just wanted to share about another helpful site about skin tightening. Thanks, keep up the writing!

  12. That sounds amazing , I have never had an opportunity to go to a spa , so as for pampering myself honestly I have never really done it . either I don't have the time or money to do so but it is something I would love to do if I got the chance .