Tall Mom tiny baby: December 2013

5 Ways To Celebrate New Years Eve With A Baby

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Congratulations! You made it through Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and every party in between  - and some of you did it with a new baby in your life.  If you have a little one, like we do, then you are feeling our pain right now. Nap and night time schedules have gone out the window, and you're ready to get your blessed little one back on a blessed routine.  But, there's still one hurdle to overcome - the biggest party of the year - New Year's Eve. So what do we do to celebrate (and survive) the final day of the year with Itty Bitty? Here's some of our ideas:
1. Have someone watch your precious bundle of joy - Duh, right? I know.  But, sometimes one doesn't see the easiest solution right in front of their face. Maybe grandma or grandpa would like to watch your baby overnight, which would be amazing. Or, maybe by the grace of god, your regular sitter is free December 31st, and that could allow you to head on out for some dinner and festivities. Whatever you do, make sure you are extremely gracious to the person who is watching your little one. If your plans don't include an overnight stay, try to be home as close to midnight as possible, so your sitter can drive home before party-goers (and possibly drinkers) are out on the roads post celebration.

2. Celebrate earlier in the evening - Bring your baby with you to an early dinner, or go to that party your childless friends are putting on - but, leave a little earlier so the baby can get to bed at a reasonable time. Trust me, it's perfectly acceptable to leave early at these parties when you have a screaming kid who hasn't napped all day.  An even better idea is go to a more-on-the-quiet-side party.  Just bring the pack and play, and a monitor if you're at a friends house.

3. Have the party at your place - Invite your friends to come on over to your house. As we all know, your house is always best because your baby can go to sleep at their normal time in their crib.  You can make the whole event family friendly, so others with little ones feel comfortable coming over as well. Possibly make it into a pajama party - have your friends and their kids come dressed appropriately, order some delivery, and giggle the night away without worry about driving late that night! 

4. Have a party New Year's DayI know, New Years Day is no New Years Eve.  I get it. But, it can be just as fun without the burden of being so tired (or hungover?) the next day.  My mom actually has an annual party for her best friends on January 1st, and they have a blast!  They eat delicious food, play board games, and enjoy ringing in the New Year together!  

5. Enjoy spending this special evening with your own tiny family - Plan a fun menu, have a movie marathon (our family likes to watch Star Wars and/or Harry Potter), play some board games, or just spend the night relaxing.  Life is pretty crazy most nights, so having a night just to have fun together sounds pretty awesome to me!

What are your plans for New Year's Eve?

Recipe Roundup : New Year's Eve Cocktails

Monday, December 30, 2013

Whether you are having a big party with friends, or spending New Year's Eve in your pajamas, December 31st always calls for a special cocktail.  Last year, since I was pregnant, I stuck to the mocktail variety. Now this artist formally known as Pregnant Mama is able to party like it's 1999 all over again (where's Prince when you need him?)  I'm going to share with you a recipe roundup of 5 New Year's Eve Cocktails!

Rossini Bellini

24 Carat Champagne Cocktail

May your New Year's Eve be full of merriment and bubbly fun drinks!  I wish you and your family a safe and joyous New Year!

Pics of the week

Sunday, December 29, 2013

These fantastic #tmtbphotoaday Pics of the Week are by:
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Disney On Ice At The Dunkin Donuts Center

Disney on Ice celebrates 100 Years of Magic is at the Providence Dunkin’ Donuts Center Dec. 26−30, and Itty Bitty was able to feast his eyes on Mickey Mouse for the first time! We were saw more than 60 of Disney's unforgettable characters. We watched the stories of Mulan, Finding Nemo, Toy Story, and even the tale of Pinocchio! 
 The lights, music, and skaters captivated Itty Bitty's attention. 
I love bringing my family to Disney on Ice each year, especially because it bring the biggest smile on my sister's face.  She is limited to wheelchair access seats, but those seats at the Dunkin Donuts Center are always  ones with excellent views.  My sister has right hemiplegia, and is both mentally and physically handicapped. Even though she herself can not ice skate, she loves watching the dancers take flight on the rink. The lights and music excite her, and she rocks along and sings to the familiar tunes.  It is always such a treat to see her so happy at Disney On Ice! 
Even though it was two days after Christmas, Itty Bitty was still in the spirit - and rocked his Santa hat! I expected the Dunkin Donuts Center to be chilly, but it was actually quite a pleasant temperature! No jackets were needed.

The show is incredibly kid friendly - and captivated my 8 month old for the majority of the time! If you're interested in checking the performance out - tickets are still available

Who's your favorite Disney/Pixar character? 

Day 361: some of my family at Disney On Ice

Friday, December 27, 2013

Tall Dad tiny gym - It's Time To Bring It! {Guest Post}

*Disclaimer - I am not a certified P90X trainer, and I am not a Beachbody Coach. I am not being compensated for this blog series.  I just really like the idea of embarrassing myself publicly.  Mary Larsen is not liable for any of the opinions expressed herein.  Don't blame her for what this knuckle-head says.

I'm baaaaaaack!

No, I'm not going to spout off fire and brimstone per usual.  And, I swear, I'm going to try not to offend anyone this time out. (Operative word: try).  No my friends, this post is all about adding some spice to Tall Mom's ventures. I've decided to create a little segment I so lovingly and creatively entitled: Tall Dad tiny gym.  (Ok, maybe not so creative, but you get the theme.  There's nothing like expanding the Brand!)

So, what's the point here?  Well, I just received P90X3 for Christmas, and I thought it would be fun for you guys to join me during my endeavor of punishing my body into oblivion, while in the confines of the very tiny gym of my family room!  It's going to be a recurring series that is a completely honest, no-nonsense, relentless, even sometimes embarrassing record of events regarding my man time with Tony Horton.  And, hell, if it even gives you a little motivation/help to be a tad more healthy for your kids, then all the better.  Then again, if these posts suck, please, feel free to tell me in the comments below and I'll make sure Tall Mom puts the ax to this idea.  In the mean time, to the gym we go!

There is no doubt in my mind that you've heard about P90X somewhere, somehow.  It is the single most popular fitness system on the planet.  I guarantee that either you, or AT LEAST one of your friends, currently has the DVD collection collecting dust on a shelf somewhere in their house.  What you probably don't know is that Tony Horton has created not only one, but two sequels to his mega hit workout system!  Each has their merits, but since I have already gone through two rounds of P90X and P90X2 respectively, it's time to give his new creation of P90X3 (released just two weeks ago) a shot.

Tony Horton Rocking His New P90X Swag
Like I said, I just received P90X3 for Christmas and I am so freakin' excited about it.  I'm so excited because I've never been that guy at the gym.  You know, that guy that Lifts Things Up and Puts Them Down.  I hate the whole process of "going to the gym." Getting in the car, feeling obligated to put up a Facebook status that I'm going, bringing a gym bag that I spent waaay too much money on for no reason, getting a locker but of course forgetting a lock, changing there anyway and hiding my valuables in the obligatory spot of my shoe, sweating on someone else's already sweaty old rusty machine, having to sanitize the aforementioned machine because someone didn't wipe the thing down ::gag::, taking a shower in a random stall that's probably infested with Athlete's Foot, and, naturally, forgetting my towel.  Not to mention that while I'm barely muscling out five decent pull-ups (a new recent best - c'mon I HAVE LONG ARMS!), there's some juice-monkey in the corner banging out twenty reps of 300lb bench presses. It's emasculating.  I just wanna say to him, "hey man, I know I'm a pussy. I'm ok with that.  But, don't shove it in my face."  Then, naturally, I'd be pummeled into nothing but sweaty little dust mites.

Really though, the gym is just awkward.  Maybe it's just me, but while I cling for dear life to the bar, and beg for that fifth and final pull-up (as my arms flutter like a butterfly on crack), I know I'm totally being judged by that guy whose thighs are as big as my waist, has balls the size of grapenuts, and is covered in tribal band tattoos.  Or, worst of all, I HATE when that random hot girl in the skimpy outfit and overdone makeup - which is, of course, only worn in an effort to flaunt how hot she is to all the meat-heads in that godforsaken establishment - looks at me with nothing but shame, disgust and pity.  Why do I care what she thinks?  I don't know.  It's a guy thing.  Suffice it to say, a public gym setting is not for this guy.  Whenever I'm there, it's like a rolling ball of butcher knives made up of insecurity and emasculation careening towards me.  Which is why P90X3 is absolutely perfect for me.  I get to be ashamed of my non-masculine self in the privacy of my own home and be proud of the ugliest five pull-ups known to mankind.

Going forward, each of the forthcoming posts will be about my workouts, the pain and suffering I'll be enduring, what's happening in my training, and any tips I may have for you.  I look forward to sharing my experience, and hopefully, this series will keep me more accountable.   Cause I sure as hell can't do it all by myself!  Seriously though, I really hope X3 is good.  The best part is that I guess we're gonna find out together.  Keep your eyes out for my next post!  You'll learn some really embarrassing shit about me, and it will be an actual introduction to X3.  Oh, and remember, it's time to....

Do Your Best And Forget The Rest
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Baby's First Christmas - Time Lapse Video

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Tall Mom tiny kitchen: Inside Our Third Winter Veggie Box

Friday, December 20, 2013

Inside our third winter Veggie Box was an assortment of squash, some apples, and two awesome looking items.

If zombies were a type of vegetable, they would be celeriac. Seriously, look at this crazy thing!
I didn't know what celeriac was before this season- but now I do! It's the root of a celery plant. Another item that caught my eye was this micro arugula! How perfectly precious are these little plants?
I am giving Itty bitty an apple a day this week, and am also using the kale for some chicken soup! 

What should I do with the micro arugula? It's so tiny!

5 Tips For A Stress Free Holiday {and a Pampers Giveaway}

Thursday, December 19, 2013

The snow is falling, I have a cup of hot cocoa daily, and our awesome pre-lit tree is up. Cue the Bing Crosby because it's truly beginning to look at lot like Christmas. But, even though there is a lot that's familiar about this season, this holiday is also shaping up to be incredibly different this time around. A little something has been added to our familial equation...
The holiday season starts off nice and slow with warm feelings abound, because I realized that a little childlike wonderment would be added to our Christmas. But, slowly, the pace starts to pick up around this week because, after glancing at my to-do list, I recognized there is much more to do.  

There is a seemingly endless list of people for whom to shop, all the parties, meeting familial obligations, keeping the hubby happy, trying to keep a semi-clean house, stupid Secret Santas, avoiding the hell hole of the mall, trying not to get killed by the way-too-intense holiday shoppers, staying off the snow riddled streets, nevermind all the end-of-year projects that need finishing up at work before the holiday break.  And, oh, by the way, in the middle of all this, my precious Itty Bitty has a massive snot filled cough spouting cold - whew!  In the words of Ron Burgundy, "boy that escalated quickly.  I mean that really got outta hand fast."  

Ultimately, I've found (and I'm sure most of you probably already knew this waaaay before me) juggling the holiday season with a new baby can be as fast paced as the Polar Express rushing its way to the North Pole. 

The good news is that it doesn't have to be! 

Take a breath, make yourself a delicious cup of hot cocoa (what the hell, add some Baileys -ok, alot - to that cup. You've earned it), sit down, take a sip or five, put your feet up and know that you are not alone.  

Take my advice on how to slow it all down.  (You might as well, because I sure as heck haven't been doing it :)    I've compiled 5 tips to help make your holiday season a little less stressful, and hopefully - a bit more merry - for you and your family!

1. Remember What This Season Is About  - 

Try to live by The Golden Rule, "Do unto others as you would have them to do to you."  Whether you're religious or not (Christian or otherwise), take a page out of J.C.'s book. This is not a plea to be all Christian all of a sudden, cause god knows I'm far from religious.  But, this is a call for common courtesy and human decency.  The holidays are stressful enough. So, just for fun, try this mantra out for a week or so. Be nice. Smile. Hold the door open for someone. Call a friend you haven't spoken with in a while. Write letters to family.  Let someone else have that last "must-have" gift of the season on the shelf.  There is actually a study out there that links kindness to happiness and health. Seriously. So focus on being kind this season.
2. Simplify

I'm not Supermom.  Chances are, you're probably not either.  That's not a dig, it's just a fact.  Why?  Supermoms only exist in fantasy land.  There about as real as Santa riding a unicorn to visit bigfoot having tea with the Lochness Monster.  You do not need to recreate Pinterest masterpieces, despite how simple the creators may say they are. That beautiful Amuse Bouche you saw on The Food Channel you've been dying to recreate for your mother-in-law?  Time to go the way of the dodo bird. That Christmas party you have faithfully held for sixty of your good (and not so good) friends/family every year?  Let some other Martha Stewart sycophant have a go at it.  In other words, if it takes time, and it stresses you out, hit the skip button. Instead, read a book to your baby, or sing a song and dance with them. 

Trust me, the kid, or your spouse, will not resent you for not making a construction paper wreath out of their handprints or jolly old ornaments. If, however, you feel so inclined to rock out with your crafty self, then by all means - craft away! Just know that the most important thing to your baby this holiday season is sharing love with you.  Not that that stupid photo you had to recreate of him holding the Christmas lights surrounded by ornaments.  Thats right, you know which one I'm talking about.

3. Collaborate And Do More Pot Luck Dinners -  

If you MUST host a party, pot luck is the way to go. Making an entire multi-course meal used to be fun and easy, before I had a darling tiny baby who required all of my time. I can generally squeeze in about 20 minutes in the kitchen during his first nap, and then another 20 minutes while he keeps me company  after he wakes up and plays in his jumperoo.  After those last 20 minutes, my time is up, and dinner better be done! If you're hosting, ask each of your guests to bring an item with them. Trust me, they will be more than happy to do so!  Make the main dish, and ask them to bring appetizers, sides, and a dessert. Find yourself a simple yet delicious main dish, and enjoy your meal together - plus you'll be able to spend more time with your baby!

4.  Be Prepared For Anything Your Baby May Need - 

Holiday season generally requires a great deal of traveling, so make sure you are stocked up on the essentials -  feeding, sleeping, changing and playing. I've been making a lot of our own baby food, but will be picking up a few items for Itty Bitty to nom on while we are away. Keeping a prepared packet of baby food in your diaper bag is always a safe option. You never want to be stuck somewhere with a hungry baby. 

I have actually done a lot of my shopping at my local CVS.  I go for a walk almost every day with Itty Bitty, and many days we stop by the store to pick up different items that we may need. This past week I loaded up on a ton of holiday items. I was able to get holiday cards, stocking stuffers for Tall Dad, tights to wear (because it is way too cold to go out with bare legs!), some pre-made baby food packets since we will be traveling this weekend, and some Pampers diapers and wipes.  I don't know if you've noticed, but CVS has actually undergone a huge revamp in their Pampers diapers assortment. There's TONS more diapers and wipes, which is incredibly helpful. Oh and yes, you see that little yellow sticker below the packaging? I saved big time thanks to a deal on Pampers. 

I've been a believer of Pampers since Itty Bitty was born - it was the brand we used in the hospital. I've actually read that they are three times drier than other diapers...and can personally tell you that we have tried other brands and have come back to Pampers.  Itty Bitty has never had a nighttime leak in his Swaddlers diapers  - which now go up to size 5! Now that my tiny baby is trying to crawl (eek!) I've decided to give the Cruiser style a try. While shopping I picked up another tub of wipes
Once we got home he needed to inspect the product before I put them away and inside our travel diaper bag!  I will put half of these diapers inside our diaper bag, plus the whole tub of wipes.  Why so many? Because this will last me the whole next couple of weeks worth of visits and parties. 
The holidays are stressful enough, and having a little one in diapers brings things to a whole new level. Now that we are stocked, I have one less thing to worry about.

5. Celebrate Boxing Day
What the heck is boxing day?  Traditionally, like if you lived in Downton Abbey (obligatory moment of silence for Matthew Crawley) , you'd give your servants December 26th off from work. That would be their holiday, and you'd cook dinner for them! Additionally, it would also be the day they would receive gifts and bonuses from their bosses.  These gifts were otherwise known as a "Christmas Box.".

I'll tell you MY tradition of boxing day. It's when you box up all of your old or unused stuff, and give it to charities and those less fortunate than you. For example, if you received a new jacket for Christmas, box up your old one for someone in need. Now you have room in your closet, and you are helping someone else. Win Win!  How can you do this with a baby? First, check your house for unused small diapers and extra baby supplies that you do not need. For some reason, I have 3 extra baby changing pads, and a handful of clothes with dogs on them. I personally don't like dogs (please don't hate me. I just really don't like all of the drool and licking...my baby drools enough,) so I'm boxing up all of the dog baby clothes and extra diaper supplies. I'll be dropping these off at a local women's shelter. 

I hope you have a most merry and stress-free holiday season - and to make it a tad bit easier for you, here's a giveaway for two full-value coupons for Pampers diapers (any size) and wipes!  The winner will be chosen on Monday,December 30th, so your little one will have a dry bottom for the New Year! Enter to win below - Good Luck!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and, as always, I promise that the content and opinions expressed above are all my own and are 100% true.

Baby Essentials: The SwaddleMe WrapSack

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I love helpful baby products, especially ones that are from Rhode Island based companies! One of the biggest baby companies, Summer Infant - is also from The Ocean State.

I've already gushed about one of their favorite products - the SwaddleMe - and now Summer Infant has added another awesome product to their swaddle line - a WrapSack!

The WrapSack is similar to the SwaddleMe - your baby has the benefit of wearing the swaddle with their arms in, or arms out as a wearable blanket. If your baby is anything like mine - you'll need to have those arms in for the first few months.
My Itty Bitty flailed away so much, I thought he was trying to fly!

But my favorite part about this product is the zipper! I don't know about you, but my newborn tiny baby needed a diaper change almost every hour of the day. Those 3 am wakeups were sometimes torture...well for Tall Dad that is - who is the king of diaper duty!

The WrapSack makes diaperchanges a breeze. Just unzip the sack and find your tiny baby's toes and bottom easily accesible! Just remember to have them in either just a diaper, or a snap onesie shirt. No full body zipper pajamas - or else you'll have to undo the whole thing! Save yourself time and energy. Unzip, change diaper, and zip back up.
Ample room for those adorable toes and kicking feet!

The WrapSack also grows with your baby, which is incredibly convienent, especially because the little ones aren't able to use blankets. With SwaddleMe produts - they get to WEAR the blanket.

Man, I wish they had adult sized WrapSacks. Honestly. My toes are always freezing at night. I might need to make a trip to Summer Infant's office and chat with them about this brilliant idea :)

Disclosure: I received a Summer's Infant WrapSack for my consideration while writing this review. No additional compensation was received for this post. As always, you have my promise that all the opinions written above are 100% honest - and I will only recommend products or services that I feel are a benefit to you - my reader!

Tall Dad Reads B is for Bear - Story Time For Baby

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I wish this video was a joke, but it isn't ;) Welcome to StoryTime at my house!
Remind me never to purchase any more books that have the word CAR or BEAR! 
My Itty Bitty is surely going to have a Boston accent

Get In The Gift Giving Spirit With Xbox One And Forza 5

Monday, December 16, 2013

I love Christmas - the decorations, the songs, the parties, the gift giving, and, especially, the food - I love it all! Tall Dad thinks I have a problem :) Well, combine the snow the other day with the fact that we played A Christmas Festival during my Rhode Island Wind Ensemble rehearsal, it finally felt like the Christmas season. But despite my infinite love of Christmas, Tall Mom still hadn't started any of the requisite shopping. I was overwhelmed. I knew I had too much to buy, and too little of an idea on where to start. So, just to get the juices flowing, with Itty Bitty in tow, I went to the local Wal-Mart to have a looksie. Oddly enough, it worked and, now, most of my shopping is done. Want to know how my season finally got jumpstarted by something as unlikely as M&M's and something called Forza 5? Keep reading :)
The first thing I passed on my maiden shopping voyage were Christmas trees. Wonderful, glorious, beautiful, Christmas trees - bundled and ready to go home with happy families. It immediately put me in the spirit, and I marched myself right on in.

I wandered the store a bit, soaking it all in, before heading over to the video game section. Like many guys his age, Tall Dad is a huge gamer, and will be receiving an Xbox One for Christmas, so I knew I needed to get him a new game for his shiny new system.

I don't know a thing about games, or what is good about them, but I do know that I may or may not have done a few bad things to Tall Dad's car recently and it wound up in the shop. So, unfortunately for him, hubby has been subjected to my poor little Jetta over the past week. (A Jetta that is complete with a "baby on board" sticker to boot.), 

I felt bad, so I chose Forza 5, a racing game that has "Unprecedented Visual Realism" and allows the players to choose over 200 cars. And none of them Jettas. It's my own little way of making up for my mistakes, and I think he will welcome driving a cool racing car - even if it is a video game!
I was proud of my decision, and because I know Christmas is time for sweets - I picked up a a bag of M&M's as my reward for a job well done. But as I looked at my soon to be sugar fix, I noticed a massive bag of milk chocolate M&M's sitting on the shelf in front of my face. Hubby loves chocolate more than I do and I realized that, not only are they awesome, but they would make an EPIC stocking stuffer.
The one problem is that the bag is so huge, now I have to figure out how to actually make it fit in his stocking!
If you have a gamer in your life, and also someone who loves M&M's - then read on my dear friend, because do I have a deal for you!
If you purchase Forza 5 Motorsport for Xbox One and $8.00 worth of M&M's (on the same receipt!) you can receive a $10 WalMart gift card!
All you need to do is take a photo of your receipt with the two items circled. Text that photo to 811811 with the words M&M. After it's validated (mine took 12 hours) you'll receive a text back with a code for a $10 WalMart gift card!  See official rules here. It is INCREDIBLY easy to do! 

Also, if you're a bit of an artist, or if you just like candy, you should enter the M&M Pixel Art Contest. Make some art with your M&M's, post it on instagram or twitter with the hashtags #FueledByMM AND #Contest - Whoever wins gets an Xbox One® gaming console, a Forza Motorsport 5® game, and a 14oz bag of M&Ms® Candy!

Below is my entry - as you can see, I'm totally in the Christmas spirit!

How did you jump start your holiday shopping?

Tall Mom tiny kitchen: Roasted Purple Cauliflower And Parsnips

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Our first Winter Veggie Box had the most delightful surprise inside...a purple cauliflower! After spending way too much time oogling over the violet beauty, I decided to cook some of it up with another item from the box - parsnip.

One tray was filled with deliciously spiced goodness...
and another tray had the veggies minus spices for Itty Bitty - perfect for Baby Led Weaning!
The veggies were enjoyed by the entire family!

Recipe: Roasted Purple Cauliflower & Parsnips 


  • 2 (or more) large parsnips
  • 1 head of purple cauliflower
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons of olive oil
  • salt/pepper/garlic powder to taste
Peel the parsnips and cut into finger sized sticks. Cut off big branches of the cauliflower. Place both veggies in a ziplock bag and add olive oil. Shake it like a polaroid picture.  Lay veggies on a cookie sheet, and feel free to add spices to them.  I keep the baby's veggies spice-free!

Bake at 400* for about 15 mins, and then turn the veggies over so the other side cooks.  Check to see if the parsnip is tender with a fork. After about another 10 minutes they should be ready!

For more Tall Mom tiny kitchen recipes - click here!

Tall Mom tiny kitchen: How to Chop Cut or Dice An Onion {video}

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Am I the only person who blindly chops away at an onion without any sort of technique? 

Our First Night Ferberizing

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Our First Night Ferberizing Our Baby

We swore we wouldn't do it.  We scoffed at the idea, acted all high and mighty...

"Oh we could NEVER let our darling child cry." 

(But cry he did.  Granted, Itty Bitty had a serious case of colic until he was seven months old.)

But if we had any choice, we would never facilitate any crying fits or chicanery as it related to our little boy.  He is perfect in our eyes, and we were ABOVE any of that other crap parents subject their child to.

You know how smiling is Buddy the Elf's favorite?
 photo tumblr_mx7gl268PR1s1013eo1_500_zps46212f98.gif

 Well crying is my kid's favorite...

Thanks to the wonderful and aforementioned seven long months of colic, Itty Bitty had developed some extraordinarily bad habits when it came to sleep (or even calming down to go to sleep.) Unfortunately, it reached a point where there were only a select few methods I was able to use when it actually came to soothing my darling Itty Bitty:  

1.  I could wear him.  (Great for him, but as he chunked up and became the Andre the Giant of babies, this proved to be murder on my poor back.)

2.  Skin to skin contact.  (I still love doing this.  There's nothing quite like feeling his little heart beat on my chest.  But, this method is clunky and SUPER awkward in public.  Some people may like the peep show, but Tall Dad certainly wouldn't.)

3.  Or, we could always fall back on ol' reliable: lie next to him when he napped. (Also, still love doing this.  His tiny little cuddles are an elixir made up of wholly awesomeness.  But, I am an adult, and, despite my fervent protestations, I have to do adult things like clean, pay bills, watch trash TV, and use the restroom every once in a while.  And while I would love to remain a Toy's R Us kid, I also know this method is not conducive to being a productive grown-up.)

We love Itty Bitty, but sleep is really important and, because of these extremely time consuming constraints thrust upon us by Itty Bitty's bad sleep habits, we just weren't getting any. Wait, strike that - we were the proud beneficiaries of maybe an hour and a half a night.  Something had to change.  Tall Dad and I were reaching our breaking point.

But, we also had some good news too.  Upon the seven month mark, we noticed that the colic had ended, and Itty Bitty's demeanor had really changed for the better.  It was like a light had gone off.  This was our chance.  We decided that it would be a great time for me to gain a little bit of my sanity back.  I mean, I hadn't slept well since my second trimester - which was A YEAR AGO. Obviously, Mamma needed some help.  That help was going to come in the form of some real sleep training for Itty Bitty.

Tall Dad and I tried out a few different sleep techniques. Some seemed to slightly work, but nothing had made a big difference. Through the grapevine, however, we heard many parents had success Ferberizing their baby.  It's a pretty controversial method, but it does seem to work very well.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Ferber Method, (or, Ferberizing) - the idea is that you put your baby down to sleep without any coddling/nursing/rocking/holding, and check up on them at specific intervals until they fall asleep. A lot of people call this the Cry It Out Method (or CIO). 

The first night of Ferberizing is supposed to look like this:

-Put baby into his/her bed without any assistance (ideally no pacifiers either, but you can cheat if you need to). 

-If baby doesn't cry, congrats.  You have the holy grail child. Now shut up and stop telling me how your child sleeps through the night. I'm exhausted.

-If your baby cries, check on him in 3 minutes. Do NOT pick him up, do NOT nurse/rock/etc. Just pat him, give him back his pacifier if he needs it, and tell him it's time to sleep. Do not spend more then an minute in their room. Leave. 

-If baby continues to cry, do the same check up 5 minutes later.

-If baby continues to cry, do the same checkup 10 minute later. 

-Continue checking up on the crying baby every 10 minutes until he is asleep.

Once asleep, pat yourself on the back, have a glass of wine, (or a double of your favorite whiskey) and get ready to go through this whole cycle again when your baby wakes up during the night.  It sucks.  It's terrible.  You're gonna feel awful.  But, hold true to the Force.

Supposedly, within 3-7 days your baby will start going to sleep like a champ....or so I've heard.

So, back to Tall Dad and I.  We were desperate.  And despite our self important opinions of ourselves and our parenting abilities, like Princess Leia pleading to Obi-Wan Kenobi, we knew this was our only hope. 
So we finally decided to come down off our Ivory Tower, tuck our tails between our legs, and give that blasted Ferber Method a try.

Here's what our first night looked like:

7:30 - We put Itty Bitty down, and he began crying as we left the room.
7:33 - After 3 min crying - I checked up on him, patted his back and told him it was time to sleep. This just made him cry more.
7:38  - We waited 5 more minutes, and Tall Dad checked in on him. This brought about the same effect.
7:48 - These 10 minutes were AGONIZINGLY painful.  Terrible high pitched screams were coming from Itty Bitty, and when Tall Dad went to check in on him, he found our baby sweating and covered in snot and tears. 

At this point, Tall Dad had a meltdown. He came back extremely upset, and I comforted him, reminding him that we needed to give this a good try before we ducked out. I told him I would do the next check in.

Six minutes later, at 7:54, Itty Bitty's crying became a softer whimper.

Many minutes when by, he rubbed his eyes, sucked his fingers, and whimpered some more.

When 10 solid minutes of whimpering went by, I debated about checking in on him. I realized that he was calming down, and if I went in, it would only upset him more. So I waited.

14 more minutes went by, and he rolled on his side and began screaming.

8:20 - We had one pissed off baby yelling at us

8:30 - I did a check in, and he yelled at us with a furious rage as we left.
8:40 - Thumb sucking began again
8:47 - An hour and 17 minutes later, Itty Bitty's breathing slowed down, and he fell asleep.

Thank you God!

9:07 - he woke up again.

I'll tell you what...this Dr. Ferber has a lot of explaining to do....

I'll let you know how the rest of our experience goes. Please feel free to send copious amounts of coffee, earplugs, (or whiskey) and tissues our way.