Tall Mom tiny baby: I Went In For An Ultrasound

I Went In For An Ultrasound

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

It started off as a pretty crummy morning.

But by the end, I had a pretty big smile on my face...

Here's how it all went down:

First, I forget that I had an appointment. I tumbled out of bed, threw on jeans and an only slightly smelly t-shirt (that may, or may not have been covered in baby puke and dried food) and ran out the door at 6:30 am.  My cold car frantically sped through the city as I made my way to Women and Infants.

Yes, Women and Infants. 

For an ultrasound.

No, silly, not THAT kind of ultrasound.  (Holy crap, Tall Dad and I would be in trouble.) 

 No, I was there for an ultrasound of my breasts.

Before last month, I didn't even know ultrasound machines were used for anything other than pregnancies. I know, I'm naive.  But after a little research about breast exams for breastfeeding mommas, I learned that women who are unable to get mammograms can get ultrasounds of their tatas instead!

My mom is a breast cancer survivor, which is awesome, but it also means that I need to take my breast health seriously. So, I marched into the breast imaging center ready for business.  But, as it is with the tragedy of being a new mom, I had to made a quick stop at the bathroom. 

After washing my hands I realized my morning was getting worse by the minute.  As you can see from the photo below, I was wicked smaht and placed my jacket underneath an automatic soap dispenser. Now it had slime all over a sleeve. Nice.
My soap spattered jacket and I went back into the waiting room, where I filled out some paperwork, and was brought to a changing room where I was to slip into a johnny. 

As I began to undress, I was horrified, mortified, petrified and pretty much any other "fied" word about which you can think. Why?  Well, it's a small detail I suppose.  It's just that I hadn't showered (In what may, or may not have been a couple of days...) and that meant my armpits hadn't been shaved. NBD, right? Good lord, my technician's first morning appointment was going to be with a stinky, hairy, stressed out beast-of-a-mom.  Raise your hand if you're Sure! 

Plus, the johnny they gave me had an awkward gap in the middle. One could say it was a trendy cutout circa Felicity in 1998 - but, alas, it was just a stupid loose gaping hole. I swallowed my sexy gal pride, and walked back out into the waiting room, albeit 20 degrees colder. 
After thirty minutes inside the examination room, I left with a completely different mindset. 

Sure, I was stinky, hairy, chilly, and an overall hot mess of Lucille Bluth proportions. But I also had perfectly healthy and normal breasts, and was told that I have nothing about which to worry.  I  just have to keep up with my regular visits  and undergo a mammogram next year.


  1. Mary, the Anna Pappas Breast Center is amazing isn't it? They are so nice there they do not care what you look like or smell like, they just want to keep you healthy. Let's face it, it stinks to go have your boobs compressed to the size of a pancake in between two large plates, lets just say the male anatomy would not like it if that was placed in between two large plates and squeezed to death (well maybe some perverted souls would like it) anyway, they make it a very private comforting experience. I would not go anywhere else from the front desk to the technician and the changing rooms everything is very comfortable.

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  3. I went to the Philly Breast Center for imaging once... and they have a room with about 40 ladies all in gowns, and "The View" on a loop. There is a refreshment table with tea and cookies, and you can go with your friend, but you have to don a gown as well. It's really incredible how much the creature comforts improve the experience, isn't it? So glad your girls are ok!

  4. So glad you are taking care of the ta-tas!!

    Here from your SITs tribe! I'm now following you everywhere...kinda like a stalker ;-)

  5. So cute baby :) I say "When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost."

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