Tall Mom tiny baby: I've Got Issues - Postpartum Issues

I've Got Issues - Postpartum Issues

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Let me preface this post by saying two things:

1. If you dream about being pregnant one day, and haven't gone through it already, you may want to visit this post some day in the future.  Bookmark this page.  Now.

2. If you currently are pregnant - know that some women do not have any postpartum issues (lucky devils.) Others do, and sometimes (ok, most of the time) they suck, but, no matter what,  I promise your baby is worth it. 

Ok, on with the show...

Pregnancy, for me, wasn't terrible.  It wasn't, however, a walk in the park either. I had a hell of time with acid reflux, broke out with acne like a fifteen year old, and ended up having to turn my baby around while in the middle of my long, long, oh so long,  labor.  True, there was the bleeding, and having a red swollen angry vagina...because that's what lady parts are after birth - angry. I made and used padsicles, sat on an inflatable doughnut, and took it easy for a while. The pushing, the sweating, the pain, all of it.   

I was prepared for those things.

What I wasn't prepared for was what happened to me after I had the baby. 

I wasn't mentally or physically prepared for some of the ailments and issues I would have for the months after birthing my darling tiny baby. Now that time has passed, I figured I would let you know about some of them. They aren't fun or beautiful, but I want to be honest, and let other moms or moms-to-be out there know that these things happen, and they are not alone.  No matter how gross. 

I also want to share some solutions that have helped me out along the way - with hopes that some things I have learned can help you or someone you love, as well.

What the heck was/is wrong with me? Here's my laundry list....

1. Sweating
 photo tumblr_me6np9Yf2x1ry10fwo1_500_zps82db4136.gif
2. Number 2, and I don't mean this guy...

3. Hungrier than when I was pregnant
 photo tumblr_mxa8mvjmnV1smcbm7o1_500_zpsc48869e0.gif 
4. Emotions like:
5. Dryness (yeah, you know what I mean.)
6. Ever changing breasts
7. Hair Loss
 photo tumblr_lkgzk0MVos1qe5h74o1_400_zps983ad432.gif
8. Urinary Incontinence

9. Hemorrhoids. Yup...
So you've been warned, some upcoming posts will be a little less glamorous than I may like, but they are real, and if having a baby has taught me anything - it's that moms are a lot tougher than they think. 


  1. The hair loss and then crazy baby bird feather hairs in the front while it grows back ... ahh the memories! You're right though Mary, moms are a lot tougher than they think.

  2. I love this, Mary. It is so very important for new Moms to know all of this, sort of like a "oh, that's normal. It's not just me." The "not just me" diminishes the fear, I think. I'm finding this on the opposite end of the scale - Menopause - and all of its glamour. You hear about it, but it's not happening to you, so you store it somewhere. When things happen, it's very, very good and very refreshing (almost) to think "it's not just me." Thank you for posting this...

  3. My doctor told me almost a year later that if you are breastfeeding, it's basically as if you are menopausal (#1 & #5). Yup, that would've been nice to know ahead of time. ;)

  4. Oh how true each and everyone! I was younger when I had my first son and wasn't as aware of the issues then. Add seven years and another little guy it was unbelievable all the hormonal and physical changes my body experienced. I am still balancing back out after 14 months. Good luck and your awesome for sharing honestly!

  5. I highly recommend looking into a specialized exercise DVD called Hab-it to deal with the incontinence! I have had 1st degree bladder prolapse issues after my daughter's birth and this DVD has helped a lot! I'm not sure how old your baby is, but during the postpartum and breastfeeding time, our bodies are still making the relaxin hormone, which effects our pelvic floor. I'm still bfing 2 years out (only once a day) but have still had a lot of improvement in the bladder issues. Thanks for sharing a realistic picture!