Tall Mom tiny baby: Time To Childproof The Doors

Time To Childproof The Doors

Monday, April 28, 2014

 I think it's time ladies and gentlemen. Time to start the second phase of childproofing our house, including our door knobs.  I hate the look and feel of those silly knob covers, but as you can see from our photo above, it looks like we are going to need them.  Itty Bitty has figured out how to turn the knobs with ease. This photo shows him trying to get into our coat closet, which doesn't just house our coats, but also our ice skates. Probably not the best thing for a one year old to get into.

So I look to you for advice - which brands and items do you recommend for childproofing?


  1. I'm following this... we never baby proofed, so Millie is going to give us a run for our sanity!

  2. Oh boy! I remember those days! I miss those days though. He is such a cutie!