Tall Mom tiny baby: 10 Nerdy Father's Day Gifts

10 Nerdy Father's Day Gifts

Monday, June 9, 2014

Whether you need to purchase a gift for your dad, or for the father of your child, please make sure it's not another tie or boring card. Make your Father's Day gift awesome, and possibly nerdy.
Father's Day t-shirt - this awesome personalized (any year) tshirt is perfect for a father-to-be or a first Father's Day!

Personalized Father's Day Cufflink - with your children's dates of birth, weight and heights. I guess it only works if you have one or two kids though. If you have three it could be kinda awkward, as one would have to miss out.
I'm Your Father's Day Gift Onesie - for those of you who want to give a little sarcasm to this holiday.
Game of Thrones Keychain - War was easier than daughters - for the Eddard Stark fans, and for fathers of daughters.
Horcrux Tie Bar: Hand stamped Harry Potter mens tie clip - how cool is this? I wouldn't get my dad a tie, but a horcrux tie clip? Heck yeah!
Wesley is our King Keychain - for the Harry Potter fan, a little token to carry with him on his travels.
Superhero Key Chain - not gonna lie, this was what I got Tall Dad last year for his first Father's Day, and he still loves it!
Breaking Bad Father's Day Card - can a card be a present? If it's this awesome of a card it sure can!
Father Periodic Letters Keychain - keeping with the breaking bad (and keychain) theme, why not get this awesome one. Lego Walter White not included.

Game of a Thrones Stein Set - many guys get special beer or beer making kits for Father's Day. Why not let them drink their ale in style. Get your guy these steins, and maybe they will start singing Reins of Castamere around the fire pit this summer.

No matter what you get him, make sure you give the father in your life lots and lots of love. That's really all they want for Father's Day anyway :)

What Fathers Day gifts can you recommend?


  1. I got Richard the same exact superhero keychain too :) Loving these suggestions.
    Kathelene Foley

  2. My husband is a true nerd so these are great ideas for him :-). Thanks for sharing.

  3. Love the onesie! It's too funny

  4. I'm really loving that onesie! That is too hilarious!

  5. I think the baby onesie, the Dad "established", and the periodic table gifts are so cute. Love them. Giving you a shoutout on Twitter!

  6. Totally nerdy and totally awesome. Love it!

  7. hahaha those are great.. i never been to war, but it has to be easier then daughters...

  8. These are really funny! I like the one about war hahaha Having daughters IS a war LOL

  9. Great ideas! We're trying to find some #1 DAD memorabilia to give him...haha

  10. I'm loving the Game of Thrones ideas! These are all fun though.

  11. lol I love the Darth Vader pic at the end! Great gift list!

  12. Yea these are some totally nerdy fathers day gifts...LOL

  13. Lol! These are pretty awesome

  14. This is a terrific list :) I love the clothing options, both the shirt and the onsie are adorbs!