Tall Mom tiny baby: February 2014

Do You Want To Build A Snowman

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Let me preface this blog post by saying that I have always loved Disney. I've never been to Disney World, but I've watched their Christmas Parade for as long as I can remember. I used to collect their movie soundtracks, and only stopped when you could start purchasing single tracks off of iTunes. I loved Disney so much, that I even sent them a blind audition tape, hoping that, just maybe, I could be a voice in one of their animated films.

Alas, that dream has not yet reached fruition, and if they did contact me now, they would no longer find 11 year old Mary.

The innocence and magic of Disney that I felt as an eleven year old, has come back with their most recent film, Frozen.
Even if you haven't seen the film, you can't deny that this film has the same enchanting quality of Disney films of the past...like The Lion King, The Little Mermaid..or my favorite:
You may be reading this, already having seen the film, and are nodding in agreement.

"Yes, Mary. Frozen would make Walt proud," you are silently saying to yourself.

If you HAVE NOT seen the film yet, don't fret. Maybe you worry that as a grown adult, paying $11 to see a "kids" movie is way out of line. Maybe you's like to spend that money on fancy cocktail.

I get it.


But you can't deny that this film has completely enchanted young audiences around the world. There are hundreds of youtube videos of little kids desperately trying to sing the top hit "Let It Go." God bless their little voices trying to reach the rich alto tones of Idina Menzel's alto voice. Nonetheless, they are adorable!
So why am I writing a post all about my love for Frozen?

Aside from the fact that I love all things winter and snow and snowflakes----

Because I saw a real life Olaf last week. Olaf, in case you haven't seen the film, is the magical talking snowman.
And this is what I saw on my street after a recent snowman.
It made my heart smile!

I know that a lot of people here in New England are absolutely sick of all of this snow, and snowdays or delays.

But seeing this snowman brought so much joy to my morning. It reminded me of the joy I would have had as a kid if I were 11 years old again during this winter. Snow days galore, sledding, hot cocoa, snowball fights and igloos halfway made because they would collapse on itself.

So if you've been a bit glum over the past couple of months, maybe take a trip around the block after the next snowstorm.

Who knows,
Maybe Olaf will be down the street waving to you!

Baby Led Weaning - Watermelon Honeydew Cantaloupe - 8 month old {video}

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Our Baby Led Weaning adventures continue! Itty Bitty's pincer grasp continues to get better and better, so I've begun giving him smaller pieces of food - this time watermelon, honeydew and cantaloupe. He often will just grab a massive handful and shove several pieces in his mouth at once...but who could blame him. He's a little boy who's hungry. Isn't that what they do?
You can watch the video below to see him chow down!

Interested in more Baby Led Weaning posts and videos? Click Here!

Are you interested in seeing him eat any food in particular? He's been trying nearly everything we eat -- so let me know if there's a video you'd like to see!

Wrapeaze Rain #Giveaway

Monday, February 24, 2014

This past weekend New England had a touch of warmth in the air - the snow melted from the streets - and people began talking about spring! Even though we will be hit by another cold streak this week, spring will certainly be arriving in the near future, along with the spring showers. If you're like me, and are looking for a product to help keep your tiny baby dry - look no further than Rhode Island based company, Wrapeaze - and their Wrapeaze Rain.

I've actually been nervous about the rainy April weather heading our way. How am I going to juggle a 25 lb baby, a diaper bag, my own belongings, and cover us both with an umbrella? The Wrapeaze Rain is going to be a huge help - I'll be able to carry him in and out of the car without worrying about him getting wet.
The Wrapeaze company first came to my attention when I was looking for fleece ponchos for my tiny baby.  Due to car seat safety standards, babies and children are not recommended to wear coats or big winter jackets.  However - by wearing a warm fleece poncho - they are still able to be locked into their car seat in a safe and manageable way. 
You can learn all about child car seat safety by listening to ParentCast Episode 2 - just click here!
I've teamed up with Wrapeaze to offer you - my lovely Tall Mom tiny baby fans - an awesome giveaway!  One lucky person will win a Wrapeaze Rain!  Just enter below :) Good Luck!

Baby Essentials: Baby Carriers

Saturday, February 22, 2014

I absolutely love wearing my baby - even still at 10 months and close to 26 pounds - I chose to wear him 90% of the time when we are out and about. I just find it so much easier than dealing with strollers or carriages, and he seems to enjoy it so much more being close to Mom!

I've tried out a ton of different baby carriers, so I thought I'd share with you my top picks:

1. Nuroo Pocket

Is that baby in my shirt? YES!
The Nuroo Pocket safely yet snugly holds onto your little one - and is able to give you both skin to skin contact!
My only problem with the Nuroo Pocket is that I should have ordered more! If I end up having another tiny baby I'll have to invest in more colors and more shirts. Maybe one for each day of the week.

2. Moby Wrap

Most new moms or moms to be have heard about the Moby Wrap. I liked it because, just like the Nuroo Pocket, I was able to walk around and tackle tasks around the house - go out for walks or for a bite to eat - all while wearing my baby!
Grandparents, and even Tall Dad were able to wear the Moby Wrap. It was slightly confusing to put on at first, but after a youtube tutorial, I felt like a pro.
Moby Wraps are great for little babies -
And even when babies get older - like my (not so) tiny baby.

3. Beco Gemini

My all around go to carrier is the Beco Gemini. I have been using it since my tiny baby started to pack on some pounds - but I could have used it from day one.
The Gemini allows you to carry your tiny baby in four different positions - even though forward facing isn't necessarily ideal - especially for longer periods of time.
I'm still working on how to wear my tiny baby on the back carry...hopefully I will have it down pat within the next month or so! It would really help out when I am getting tasks down around the house when he wants to be close to Mom!


Huge Announcement

Friday, February 21, 2014

Tall Dad and I have a huge announcement to make!

We are so stinkin' excited....

To formally introduce you to...


ParentCast is an audio (and sometimes video) podcast created by Tall Dad (Blake) and myself.  I've realized that I love blogging, but that there are some topics that would be better shared or discussed in an audio conversation.  Maybe to capture the true character of the people, the passion behind a discussion, or just a long ,yet informative, interview.

I have always loved podcasts.  You can listen to them in the car, on the train, while you're cleaning, getting dressed for the morning, and pretty much anywhere. You can even get a bluetooth shower head and listen to it there!

You can listen to the whole episode in one sitting, or break it up over the course of a day or so.  You can subscribe and listen to each episode in it's entirety, or just pick and choose the parts you truly enjoy.

So why did we create one? 

Well, we saw a need.

As I said, I love podcasts. I listened to a ton when I was pregnant, and have found that there really isn't a podcast out there that talked about the new parenting issues I cared about - especially in a fun manner.

There will be a judgement free zone story each week, we will talk about our whines and wins of the week, and will also have recommendations or tips during the parent picks of the week.  We will welcome guests and other parents, experts in all sorts of fields, and are open to show topic suggestions.
So please stay tuned - because ParentCast goes LIVE next week!!

In the meantime, feel free to LIKE us on Facebook -- 

What topics/issues/guests would you like to hear on ParentCast?

I Can't Put My Arms Down

Thursday, February 20, 2014

It's been quite a snowy week here in Rhode Island - and this winter loving Tall Mom couldn't wait to bundle up Itty Bitty in his snowsuit and take him for a ride in his baby sled. 

After I got him dressed and ready to go, I took a brief look at him and had to laugh. 
He looked to tiny in this snowsuit! Granted I picked it up at a yard sale, and judged the size by eye, but I didn't expect it to be this big!

All of the puffy-warm-goodness reminded me of that scene from A Christmas Story, where the younger brother complains that he can't put his arms down. 

Nonetheless, I took him out into the winter sunshine, and he enjoyed the snowy walk. 
A friend pointed it that I actually might be able to reuse it again next year! Who knows! If nothing else, at least it was comedic!

Teething Baby Eats His Crib

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

So this just happened...
After a straight week of being sick, having little to no energy, my lovely baby is finally on the mend! He ate a whole container of yogurt, some fruits, and a serving of oatmeal this morning! I couldn't be happier.

I was beaming, cleaning the house, playing peekaboo, reading books...that is until I walked into his bedroom.

Then I took a look at his crib.
His very expensive crib. I'm pretty sure his crib cost more than my bed.

His crib is now his favorite chew toy. Even worse is that I can't even find the wood chips on his mattress. Which means he ate all of that wood. 

Oh well, the crib was pretty while it lasted. 

I guess I just earned a new pair of stripes today. The ones that go along with "parents don't really get to have pretty furniture until the kids grow up."

But on the bright side I'm glad that he's feeling better. I guess I just need to feed him more food. 

That, and keep him away from our wooden coffee table.

Has this happened to you? What did you do to protect your furniture from a baby woodchuck?

Long Night With a Sick Baby and Mickey Mouse

Monday, February 17, 2014

Shame on me. Seriously. Slap my wrists and revoke my mom card, because I did something I swore I wouldn't do. I even secretly scoffed when I heard other moms talk about it.

I pacified my baby with the television. 
This poor little guy was sick as a dog for the past three weeks (which is why I haven't been on the blog as much as I would have liked.)

First, it was teething. Teething, I can handle.

Then it was a combined stomach bug (vomiting and diarrhea) with a fever.  This was an all night affair, and the baby was absolutely miserable.  Come to find out, he also had a double ear infection.

This was the night that I turned to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Something I didn't think I'd be doing for a long time to come. Babies don't watch TV or really understand what's happening on the screen, right? So why would they need to watch TV?

Honestly, it's because I was about to lose my mind. I was exhausted, I hadn't slept in days thanks to the teething, and now he was throwing up all over himself and me. The little guy was burning up and was MISERABLE. I couldn't stop him from whining, he didn't want to eat, nor could he sleep.

But when Mickey came on, and started calling out "Oh tooooodles," Itty Bitty became memorized. Maybe it was the funny voices, or the colors, or the music. It most certainly wasn't him solving puzzles or learning how to count, or whatever lesson it was that he was supposed to learn.

He stopped crying. He stopped figiting. He stopped being present in the fact that he felt like absolute crap.

I held him, damp facecloth over his head, and closed my eyes.  I sort of napped for those 23 minutes. Granted, I still hear "Oh toooooodles" ringing through my head from time to time, but I don't care. Disney worked it's magic that night.

The show distracted him enough to make him sleepy again, and after that episode (or two...) he fell back asleep until 9am, when I got him ready for the doctors office.

Thank you Mickey and friends. Thanks for teaching me a lesson - that all of us parents will do things we said we wouldn't do. Sometimes we don't have any other options. Or sometimes we just need a break.

What have you done with your kids that you originally thought you would NEVER do?

Baby Led Weaning - Scrambled Eggs - 8 month old {video}

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Baby Led Weaning has been a blast so far for our family!  Itty Bitty is really starting to understand how to put the food in his mouth, and work with different textures and tastes.  One of the newest foods we have tried out has been eggs.  At first I hard boiled an egg and tried to give him the yolk, but it just became a crumbly mess. Next I made scrambled egg yolks, which he really seemed to love.  I continued with just egg yolks for a month, and at our 9 month check-in, my doctor told me that Itty Bitty could try eating the entire egg - yolk and white!  It was a huge success!
This video will show you how our little guy picks up the eggs.

Since we haven't introduced whole cows milk, I used breast milk in these scrambled eggs.  You could also use formula, or probably even water.  I added a bit of garlic powder - which seemed to make a big difference to him! He loves garlic!

Interested in more Baby Led Weaning posts and videos? Click Here!

What have you been told about egg allergies and babies?

New Parents Guide: A Valentine's Day Date Night In #ad

Monday, February 10, 2014

Being a new parent has shown me that I can love more than I ever imagined. It's been a revelatory experience. The best part though - not only has my heart grown larger for my tiny baby, but I have also fallen even deeper in love with Tall Dad. Just when I thought he couldn't be more handsome, funny, or sweet, I see how gentle and loving he is with our Itty Bitty, and my heart melts even more. One of the struggles we now face is finding the time for a date night. So, with Valentine's Day coming up this friday, I thought I'd share with you my date idea for all of you new parents!
#shop #ad Valentine's Day Date
Tip 1: Get your Valentine a valentine.  Seriously, take the baby out, go to a local store and grab a card, or art supplies, or whatever, to make your own valentine.  I took Itty Bitty to my local Walmart, and he was in HEAVEN staring at all of the Valentine's Day balloons. So, for him, of course, I ended up getting the biggest one I could find. Getting a Valentine is a little kitschy, but it hearkens back to a day of youth, innocent love, and it's actually kinda freakin' cute too.  It may be a little stupid, but I promise you that it will make YOUR valentine smile ear to ear.
#shop #ad Valentine's Day Date
Tip 2: Purchase or make them a little gift.  Valentine's Days of yore were once lavish affairs where Tall Dad and I would don our finest, buy each other fantastic gifts, and dine at the trendiest (and generally most expensive) establishments.  Now that we have our baby, we have made a conscious choice to be a lot more careful about where we spend our hard earned cash.  This, however, doesn't mean that I can't do something special for him.  I spent $20 at Walmart, and came up with a fun filled "Date Night In" gift basket (instructions below.) If your super strapped for cash, never fear my dear reader -  make your loved one a "Love Coupon Book" - and include items like "10 min. back scratch" or "Good for 1 breakfast in bed." Be as tame or wild as you'd like. Trust me, your partner will be very happy with this gift. 
#shop #ad Valentine's Day Date
Tip 3: Don't forget to shower your Valentine with words of love - ALL DAY LONG! I'm talking text messages, sexy picture messages, sticky notes, phone calls (cue Stevie Wonder.)  You name it, do it!   Yes, the cornier the better.  Again, kitschy but way underdone.  Make sure that the day of love IS the day of love!  
#shop #ad Valentine's Day Date
At the end of the day, when you both get back from work, give your Valentine their card and present. Maybe you can share them over dinner, or after dinner and when the baby is *hopefully* asleep! Pop in a movie, or listen to some music that you both like. (Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On" anyone?)  Just take the time to have a date night in together, and enjoy each other's company. Here's another great piece of advice:  when you are talking to them, address them by their name in a loving way.  (Think about it - how often do you call your loved one by their actual name?)  And while you're doing that, think about how you felt on your second date with them, and what it was like when your heart beat so quickly as they approached to knock on your door.  Do yourself a favor and tell them about it.  Tell them how you and your for them love has grown. Let them know how much you appreciate everything that they do, and what a great parent the other one is.  

So here's what I did for Tall Dad:

Tall Dad and I are huge movie buffs.  More importantly, Tall Dad is a serious sap, and a real sucker for romantic movies.  (I know, didn't see that one coming, right?  But, it's totally true.)  So, for our Date Night In, I thought it would be fitting to pick up one of the best love stories of all time:
#shop #ad Valentine's Day Date
Tall Dad's slight crush on Rachel McAdams didn't hurt either.  Swoon.

Oh, and you see that sticker? It's a $5 credit to rent movies online through a site called Vudo.com  So we can either have a double feature, or save our rental for another date night in. Sleepless in Seattle next?

Ok, and let's be honest here, the increased love of Tall Dad since having our tiny baby has also increased my attraction to Tall Dad.  And while having our tiny baby has cut into our personal time a little bit, I know what a large dose of Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams is going to do for us after the movie.  Hey, we may be tired new parents, but we still crazily yearn for each other too. So, I picked up K-Y Yours + Mine - which, also happened to have a dinner and a movie gift card.  Bonus time!
#shop #ad Valentine's Day Date
Inside this box (which was only $15,) is a code for a gourmet meal at home for two through Plated.com, as well as ANOTHER code for a movie through VUDU.com Score!
#shop #ad Valentine's Day Date
By purchasing this item, I have ensured that we will have another Date Night In - free dinner and a movie!

Last, I picked up a candle, a little teddy bear, and the quintessential box of chocolates!  I put all of the items nicely inside a basket, and tada! - here's my $20 Valentine's Gift that Tall Dad is sure to love!
#shop #ad Valentine's Day Date
How are you going to celebrate Valentine's Day with your loved one?

#KYdatenight, #shop, #cbias

P90X3 - Weeks 1-4: Nickelback, "Holy Shit" Awesome, and Holy Shit I'm Out Of Shape {Guest Post}

Friday, February 7, 2014

*Disclaimer - I am not a certified P90X trainer, and I am not a Beachbody Coach. I am not being compensated for this blog series.  I just really like the idea of embarrassing myself publicly.  Mary Larsen is not liable for any of the opinions expressed herein.  Don't blame her for what this knuckle-head says.

Anyone who tells you that you cannot get a good workout in only thirty minutes is a fucking jackass.

Ok, now that's out of the way,  tell me Tall Dad, how was your first 4 weeks of P90X3?  Well, first thing's first:

The Set-Up:

P90X3, like it's X siblings, can be utilized in a number of different designed rotations.  Rotation is a fancy term for the order and application of the provided workouts to maximize the desired result.  These are preset rotations:

1. Lean - Looking to get wicked tone?  Here's your choice. Functional fitness at it's best. It focuses on mobility, and cardiovascular fitness.

2. Classic - For those who want to tone and lose weight, but also desire to build legitimate muscle mass.  The preferred rotation.

3. Doubles - A badass rotation where you do TWO workouts per day.  One in the morning, and one at night.  Not recommended for newcomers.  Shit, even I don't do it.

4. Mass Heavy resistance and weight training. This is for those who want to bulk up and gain weight.  So, get ready to eat like Oprah in an all-you-can-eat buffet.  Otherwise known as a shit ton.  

I chose "Classic" because I'm about as original and inventive as the latest album from Nickelback. But, on a more serious note, I chose it because "Classic" is the rotation around which Tony had designed the program.  In other words, "Classic" promotes the best results as Tony originally intended them.  I figure he's way smarter than me, and in considerably better shape than me too so I ought to listen.

Each rotation, regardless of which you choose, has a foundation of three blocks - each block lasting 30 days, or one month (thus the 90 day program).  For our purposes now, only the first block is really important. 

The first block is comprised of seven different workouts that must be completed each day for the first three weeks.  What about the fourth week, right?  Well, you still work out, but it's not the same as the first three weeks - it's what Tony considers a "rest," or "transition" week.  

The Workouts for Block One:

Day 1: Total Synergistics - a workout based on complete integration.  Every muscle being worked out in concert with each other at the same time.  Thus, "Synergisitics." Cardio, resistance and occasional weights.

Day 2: Agility X - Athletic training through and through.  Start in one spot and hop to another as fast as possible.  All about cardio, flexibility and mobility.  The leg killer.

Block 1 schedule.  Note the difference between weeks 1-3 and week 4.
Day 3: Yoga X - Over 5,000 years of knowledge in balance, posture, patience and breathing. Speaks for itself.

Day 4: The Challenge - Pick a number of reps for pull-ups and pick a number of reps for pushups.  8 sets each.  Hit that number every time.  Yes, every time.  So choose wisely.

Day 5: CVX - Cardio Vascular Xtreme.  Great cardio training, but holding a dumbbell at the same time.

Day 6: The Warrior - No weights or pull ups.  Just you, and gravity.  Pushups, balance work and more muscle integration all in one tiny space.

Day 7: Dynamix or Rest - An involved and concentrated stretching program with dynamic movement in your arms, hips and legs.

Week 4 Workouts:

Isometrix - Basically take all the hardest poses from Yoga and hold them for 45 seconds each.  In other words, this is an effort to isolate a specific muscle and punish it.  Dude.  Ouch.

Accelerator - This does exactly what it says - accelerates your body and gets your heart pumping. FAST.  A cornucopia of cardio and resistance.

Pilates - Speaks for itself.

Alright Tall Dad, cut the shit - what actually happened!?!

What Went Right:

-Much to my surprise, the half hour concept is totally real and it is awesome so far. The workouts, including the warm ups, are truly only a half hour.  I LOVE knowing that I only have to bust my balls for that small amount of time because, psychologically, I push myself harder to get the best pump within a half hour. Besides, I kinda feel like a pussy if I don't push hard because it's only a short time.  Am I pussy?  Fuck no.  Well, sometimes.  But, not when it comes to my Tony time.

-Because of how short the workouts are, it has, so far, been much easier to stay on track and keep up with my weekly schedule.  Even with a kid, working full time, and trying to maintain somewhat of a social life, there really is no excuse to not get a workout in during my day anymore.

-CVX, thankfully, is not the same bullshit cardio workout that everyone else puts in these kind of programs.  Trust me, I CANNOT stand cardio.  "Alright everyone run in place and do 20 jumping jacks!"  Ugh, blow me.  I would rather shove bamboo schutes up my fingernails than do a cardio workout.  So, when it comes to CVX, take cardio, add core training, and then hold a 10lb dumbbell as you're doing all of it.  The added resistance training spices up what would otherwise be a painfully boring set.

-Speaking of boredom, the warm-ups are short, to the point, and non-coma inducing.  Thank the Christ.  The warm-up process, mercifully enough,  is only about two and a half minutes long this time around, and then, BAM, you're right into the workout.  No screwing around.

-The Challenge is possibly the hardest workout I've ever done. I've never had such muscle burn in my life.  It totally kicked my ass.  I couldn't even lift our tiny baby afterwards (and maybe for the next two days, but who's counting?)  I'm currently at 5 pullups and 12 pushups.  Yes, ok, after reviewing those numbers, maybe I am a pussy. But, I promise I'm going to get more.

-Working out with Rhys.  Dude, what a trip.  It was easier than I thought because I put him in his Jumperoo and let him bounce up and down with me as I did my Jump Knee Tucks.  We both got a good work out in :)  His favorite so far is Agility X.

- I always thought it was kinda dumb, and only  for chicks, but the addition of Pilates to the X family in the rest week is "Holy Shit" awesome.  Never done it before.  But, hard?  You bet your ass.

What Went Wrong:

-The immeasurably annoying Dreya Weber has returned, and is in multiple workouts so far.  You know that teachers pet that can do ANYTHING the teacher asks, and does it well, but, kinda shows off, and acts like they're best friends with the teacher? That's Dreya.  Why, oh, why do they insist on bringing her back?  God, I hate her so much.

-X3 Yoga is far inferior to it's predecessors. Tony says, "you can do a lot of Yoga in thirty minutes."  Yes, while that may be true, in addition to the fact that it does provide a half way decent workout, X3 yoga is just too damn fast.  You don't have enough time to own each pose, and enjoy the flow.  Instead, you're too focused on keeping pace with the crew. Before you know it, you're saying, "wow, thats a good warm up,"  but the routines already completed.  Ugh.  Not a fan, Tony.

-I had to prolong the sequence of workouts due to some schedule conflicts and soreness.  So, by my calculations, I'm about two days behind the designed schedule.  Damn it.

-Workouts were a little extended due to having to preview the move first, and then perform it.  I'm so used to knowing what to do beforehand with X1 and X2! But with each week comes more familiarity.  

-Just now, when I am finally learning the routines - time to get into a whole new routine.  Oh, how I have a Love/Hate relationship with Muscle Confusion.

-Doing Yoga with a nine month old.  Not smart.  In fact, really dumb.

-Even though he did my workouts with me, tiny baby still didn't tucker himself out enough to sleep through the night.  What else must I do?  Ah, the great mystery...

-Holy shit am I out of shape.

Snap Judgments and Miscellany: 

- I was a total skeptic about this program.  At no point did it occur to me that I could get as good of a pump from a half hour workout as I did in the hour long workouts of X1 and X2.  I was so god damn wrong.  From the moment I started, my heart raced and my muscles were pushed to the same limit, if not more, than in previous workouts.  

-By the end of week 4, my body is really sore - especially my glutes, chest, hip flexors, and shoulders. 

-I am hungry.  Yup - right now.  I was hungry yesterday all day, and I'm pretty confident I'll be ravenous in a couple hours and into tomorrow.  In fact, I'm hungry all the fucking time.  Food never leaves my thought process.  Ever.

-I'm going to keep giving X3 yoga a shot, but if I don't feel the enjoyment I felt in previous versions real soon, I'm will switch out X3 Yoga for X2 Yoga.

-Tony has a shout out to his RI roots when he wears a "Watch Hill Lifeguard" shirt in CVX. Drinkin' Beers down by the shore!  Rhody Pride!

-One of the "kids" is wearing a Boston Strong T-shirt during the The Warrior workout.  How awesome!?!

-No Ab Ripper X in this Block.  Fear not though, between Yoga, Pilates, Agility X and The Warrior, the abs are not left behind.  Trust me, I'm not complaining either way.  Nothing sucks more than to get through a hard work out, finish it, be dog tired, and then have to do 20 minutes of Ab Ripper immediately after.

-The rumors of me almost puking during Agility X may or may not be true.

Favorite Tony-ism:  After crushing his workout partner in The Challenge, "I believe I am 55.  I believe he is 30.  Aging is for people who do not know better."

Hardest move(s): 

Crescent Chairs - Going from Crescent pose to chair pose in one fluid movement while holding a 10lb. dumbell above your head, and keeping your arms straight.  OUCH.  Supposed to do about 10 of these.  Only muscled out 5.

3.4 Run - Stay in a 3 point stance and jump to 4 designated spots on your floor when Tony calls out, "Up, Back, Left, Right!"  Everything from your core, to your feet, to your fuckin' eyebrows are on fire , and you are moving QUICK.  Total athletic training.  It beat me all three weeks because I couldn't keep up with how fast he is calling out.  But, I will conquer it.

Tall Dad's Tip of the Block:  Time, practice, and patience.  If you want to get better - take your time and modify.  

Up Next: Block 2.

Do Your Best And Forget The Rest
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My hiatus

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sorry my lovely readers that I haven't been writing too much recently. We been going through terrible bout of three teeth coming in at once, a stomach bug, and possibly in your infection. I promise I'll be back at it soon! Until then, please send some feel better vibes our way.