Tall Mom tiny baby: December 2016


Tuesday, December 6, 2016

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You know, I really try.  I really do.  Being one of those Pinterest mom's is just not in the cards for me.You know the whole post about cookies I just did?  It came out ok, and it was all true - for the most part.

I wanted my own Stars Hollow, and I got it.

But what bothers me now is that I was wholly honest with you the reader.  Did I attempt making the cookies with my son? Sure. What you didn't see, however, is that it was a total disaster and that I will never make cookies with him until he's at least....oh, I'd say...eighteen.

Read on to hear about the cookie disaster of 2016, why I need to fess up, and why Rice Krispies treats saved my sanity...

During the baking process for my last cookie post, my kitchen was a mess, flour was everywhere, sugar ended up in places I'd rather not mention on the internet, my son had very little patience in mixing all the ingredients, he ATE all the frosting instead of spreading it on the cookies, and he was more interested in playing with the raw dough as opposed to cutting it into cute little shapes and baking them.

An activity that really shouldn't have taken more than an hour lasted for over four hours.  Yes, you read that right, four hours.

Despite my promise, I hid that from you.  I wanted it to look good.  I wanted to be a Pinterest mom for once in my life.  But give me credit, I'm coming clean now.

Although I may not be a Pinterest mom, I will tell you that I'm a least a resourceful mom.  So, instead of cookies, I made the best use out what I had in the cupboard.

Let me tell you, thank god for Rice Krispies...