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Welcome, to Tall Mom tiny baby.

Me (Tall Mom) and and my husband Blake (Tall Dad) have created this blog as a one stop shop for honest, humorous, and real parenting tips and stories. 

We are here to help new parents and tell you tips about what has worked for us and how you can start become a more confident parent. If nothing else, you can read our hysterical banter, and at least not feel alone in your struggles - because you are NOT alone! 

This blog isn't about perfect Pinterest parties, snacks, or DIY crafts. We aren't here to tell you that you have to eat organic, vegan, paleo, have a natural birth, or breastfeed until your kid takes his SAT's. Nor are we here to judge you or tell you our way is RIGHT, because there is NO RIGHT way to parent your kid. 

We are here to learn right along side you, to be your virtual best friends, and let you know about our struggles, successes, and funny stories that keep us laughing on those all nighters that we as parents pull.
So who am I?
Hi, I'm Mary Larsen, author of TallMomtinybaby.com, which follows my journey into first time motherhood. I'm a musician, educator, TV Personalitypodcaster, and most importantly a first time mom for a little baby boy who will entered our world in April of 2013.
After for teaching music for many years, I won The Rhode Show 2012 Search for a Star competition. I served as a host on a daily morning show, which showcased local events, cooking, fashion and more. Through this experience, shared important stories, highlighting local heroes, and truly celebrated each day.

My husband, Blake, and I are excited to begin our next great adventure - being parents! I will continue teaching, freelancing reporting, and blogging throughout the journey of parenthood!

You can also listen to Blake and I on ParentCast - a podcast dedicated to new parents, new babies, and their new lives together!

All opinions expressed on TallMomtinybaby.com are my own.


  1. So excited to be along for the journey! Stopping by from SITS tribe!

  2. Stopping by from SITS Tribe too!! Can't wait to read more about your cute little family! -Meredith http://perfectionpending.net

  3. Love the title of your blog! I'm a tall girl myself at 5'10''. Can't wait to get to know you better!

    Oh and I am also a member of your SITS Tribe!

  4. Mary I'm a father of a beautiful daughter, and grandfather of 2 beautiful children. You are a wonderfully beautiful mom to be and mom who is. Looking in the mirror will only show the defects you feel. Rather, look at your beautiful photos to see the true you. My wife and I also celebrated our pregnancy and the miracle of our daughter.
    God bless you both and your lovely family.

  5. How tall are you and your husband ? i love your blog and you have a beautiful family

  6. Where are you from? Love your husbands accent, trying to figure out yours. New listener/viewer/reader of outlander and starting your podcast from beginning along with the show and books. Enjoying all of the above! Thanks for the awesome work!