Tall Mom tiny baby: Infant


How did the human race survive this long, and I can't even get my baby to breastfeed?

What is a new dad supposed to do when mom goes through the baby blues?

Don't worry, you're not alone if you have ever wondered these things. I for one thought about them, as well as another thousand or so questions - pretty much each day of my Itty Bitty's first year of life.

Congrats on having a newborn or infant, and welcome to Tall Mom tiny baby
To keep my self sane, I decided to blog about our new adventure in parenthood - the good, the bad, and the adorable!  

Below you will find some of my top resources for newborns and infants. 

Tall Dad's tips on being a father of a newborn:

Reflections On Being A New Dad - Part 3: Living With Your Newborn

Some infant related videos of ours:

Check out our resource on being a New Parent - it has tons of tips, and don't forget to listen to our ParentCast podcast - which has tips for new parents and new babies!