Tall Mom tiny baby: PARENTCAST


Are you super duper tired and don't have time 
to read books or blog posts about parenting, 
but feel completely lost 
or have tons of questions?

I know I sure do.

That's why Tall Dad and I created ParentCast
a podcast for new parents, new babies, 
and their new lives together.
You can listen to ParentCast as you drive, while you play with your little ones on the floor, while you make dinner, or during that one magical hour when your baby naps and you face plant on the couch.

It's free, it's funny, and it's a lot better than therapy.

You can check out our ParentCast website and listen to all of our episodes there, as well as read notes about guests and links to our favorite items.

Each episode goes something like this:

Judgement Free Zone - Tall Dad or I share a funny story to help remind you that we are all humans, and babies didn't come with instruction manuals. For example, Tall Dad talks about how he caught our 13 month old eating cat food. Please don't judge us, and we won't judge you :) 

Interview - With awesome guests who are experts in different parenting topics, or our guests are parents and friends who want to talk about issues and topics we find relevant. Each week is something new.

The Whines and Wins of the Week - What stunk that week and what was awesome in our lives!

Parent Picks of the Week - Where we recommend an item, a tool, a website, or a tip that has really been useful.

We are always welcome to have new content, questions, or guests on the show. Feel free to reach out to ParentCast via Facebook, Twitter, or parentcast at gmail dot com.

We are also on iTunes - so check us out there - and don't forget to subscribe!