Tall Mom tiny baby: Pregnancy


Are you pregnant and wondering 
why you don't have this GLOW 
that every keeps saying you're supposed to have?

Do you find yourself wondering 
"why didn't my girlfriends warn me about this?" 
pretty much once a week during your pregnancy?

Or, what items do you REALLY need to buy for your baby 
so that you aren't poor for the rest of your life 
and spend all of your savings on stupid useless baby crap?

Well look no further. 

I'm here to share all things about pregnancy with you on - Tall Mom tiny baby
I'll tell it like it is (or was, seeing as how I'm not currently pregnant) and tell you what did and did not work for me.

I'll be HONEST with you, and talk to you like you are one of my best girlfriends, because lets be honest, you kinda are already if you're here reading my blog.

So here are a bunch of pregnancy posts that I'd like to recommend to you. And by the way - CONGRATS on being PREGNANT! 

My favorite informative posts that I recommend to my best girlfriends when they are pregnant:

My top personal stories about pregnancy and preparing for the baby:

My hubby (Tall Dad's) perspective on pregnancy and birth:

Honest Birthing Tips From A Dad's Perspective

We also make some fun videos from time to time:

And a link to ALL post related to pregnancy and birth.

If there's any topic that you can't find here, and want to learn more about - please feel free to contact me. I'm always interested in finding new topics to explore! 

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